Michelle Pillow Reading Order Booklist

Reading Order Book List

Michelle M. Pillow Books in Order

This page includes a Michelle Pillow reading order book list and a standalone book list for all of Michelle M. Pillow’s titles. This comprehensive reading order book list allows you to keep track of all Michelle’s titles in order easily. It’s an excellent reference for anyone looking to start reading her work or for those who want to make sure they didn’t miss any books in between. You can check out the Where to Start page if you are new to the books.

To print this page, highlight the section you want to print and left-click. If you want a PDF, MOBI, or EPUB, you can find the downloads on the Official Michelle M. Pillow Reading Guide and Super Fan Catalog. Linked titles will take you to that book’s page for more information or buy links. There’s a lot, so keep scrolling!

You can also narrow your searches by genre, series, or title. Need a recommendation? Where to Start.


Qurilixen World Book Lists

Sci-Fi and Paranormal Romance

Perfect for Fans: Get a detailed overview of all the Qurilixen World titles and find out what order they should be read in.


Reading according to a chronological timeline. 

Captured by a Dragon-Shifter

Galaxy Alien Mail Order Brides

Dragon Lords

Lords of the Var®

Dynasty Lords

Space Lords

Qurilixen Lords

Reader Game: Find the hidden thread that connects this standalone book to the Qurilixen world: Falcon’s Mate – (Not part of the reading order)

FAQ: Galaxy Mates (aka Galaxy Playmates series) are currently Out of Print. They are short, super sexy spin-off books in the Qurilixen world. They do not affect the storyline of the main series. The plan is to expand and rewrite them.

Standalone Paranormal

Co-author Mandy M. Roth – Out of Print

  • Red Light Specialists
  • Pleasure Cruise Series: Pleasure Cruise, Date with Destiny, Pleasure Island

Stop Dragon My Heart Around

Paranormal Element: Dragon shifters
Series co-author: Mandy M. Roth

  • Romancing the Recluse – Michelle M. Pillow
  • Be sure to check Mandy’s site for her books in this series!

Kindle Unlimited Exclusive

  • A Silo 1000 Romance Trilogy
    • Formerly a Kindle Worlds Book: Because of the nature of this project and rights permissions, it can only be sold on Amazon.

Dark Paranormal Romance

Urban Fantasy setting
Paranormal Elements: Vampires, Witch

High Fantasy Romance

Medieval Other Realm setting
Paranormal Elements: All High Fantasy Creatures (Goblins, Elves, etc), Portal Travel

NOTE: These include the Happily Everlasting books, which are prequels to this series. Happily Everlasting included several authors. You do not have to read all of the Happily Everlasting books to follow along, but they’re great, so you might want to anyway!

Science Fiction Romance

Alternate Reality, Time Travel feel

Historical Romance

Medieval Historical Standalone

Regency Gothic Paranormal

  • Forget Me Not
    • (formerly The Mists of Midnight)
    • Paranormal Element: Ghosts

Publisher Mash-Up

  • Pride and Prejudice: Wild & Wanton Ed.
    • Publisher Note: This book was a work for hire, publisher House Project. It is an edition, part of the publishing house-produced series of Annabelle Bloom books. Michelle M. Pillow is not the only author who wrote under the name Annabella Bloom. This is the only book she did for the series.

Contemporary Standalone

Currently Out of Print

  • Mountain’s Captive
  • Sex in the Office (Virgin Books, out of print)
  • Rings of Gold
  • Christmas Curse

Pen Name Books

  • Circle of Six: Slaine (N Logan)
  • Under His Spell (N Logan)
  • Let the Wild Out (M Porter)
  • Rite of Passion (M Porter)
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