Realm Immortal

Immortality has a way of changing fate in the Realm Immortal series, an epic tale of high fantasy romance featuring everything from goblins and trolls to elves and fairies, with more than one morally gray character to excite your inner bookworms. Journey through a magical realm filled with adventure and danger as the hero and heroines fight their way to a happily ever after.

High fantasy romance is a genre of literature that combines the escapism of epic fantasy with the passion of romance. It paints a vivid picture of an alternate world, full to the brim with adventure, magic, and danger. But at its core, it tells a story about two people brought together by fate and their own undeniable chemistry — or even just an inexplicable connection — as they embark upon a journey through this fantastical realm. 

The protagonists are often faced with obstacles such as wars, villains, or overwhelming forces that threaten to tear them apart. Together they must battle their way through these trials in order to overcome any challenges standing in their way on the path to true love and happily ever afters. Each book offers readers an opportunity to escape into an enchanted world while following characters along on a thrilling journey towards their ultimate destiny — true love!

Epic High Fantasy, Paranormal Romance series by NYT & USAT Bestseller Michelle M. Pillow.

King of the Unblessed book cover for the Realm Immortal Series

Start at the beginning with the high fantasy romance Realm Immortal series book one.

After elfin king Merrick of the goblins tricks lady Juliana into entering his domain, he plans on seducing her and claiming her as his own. Will she resist his temptations, or will she succumb to his immortal will?

5 Wands! “This is a gripping tale of fantasy, romance, intrigue and humour, boasting a fabulous, unforgettable cast of characters both human and fairy. Magical creatures, wizards, possessions, divinations – it’s all here.”


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Epic High Fantasy Romance

Realm Immortal Book Series

  1. King of the Unblessed
  2. Faery Queen
  3. Stone Queen

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Realm Immortal

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