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Amazon KDP University @Home

  • Amazon Direct Publishing’s KDP University @ Home with Michelle M. Pillow – Webinar discussing book marketing, publishing, branding, and writing in multiple genres.
  • From KDP University, About the Video: A romantic at heart, Michelle M. Pillow loves stories with a happy ending, imperfect characters, and good mysteries that are challenging to solve. Though she writes in many genres—and has sold a million books across them!—she’s best known for her sci-fi and paranormal romances, mysteries, and paranormal women’s fiction. Join us as Pillow shares how she uses resources like Author Central and A+ content to create a strong book release. 


01/08/2024 – Publishers WeeklyFaery Queen Review Feature – “Bestseller Pillow catapults readers back into the high fantasy world of her Realm Immortal series in this jam-packed dark romance…The worldbuilding is expansive and Pillow strikes a good balance between romance and action.” – Publishers Weekly (2024)

Launching a Book: An Interview with NY Times Best Selling Author Michelle M. Pillow – “We’re thrilled to bring you a comprehensive guide featuring secrets to book launch marketing from best-selling author Michelle M. Pillow. With over a million books sold and a portfolio of over 100 published novels spanning multiple commercial fiction genres, Michelle offers a wealth of invaluable advice. Yet what struck me the most during this interview was her genuine interest in helping other authors succeed.” – BookSprout Feature

Featured Books By Michelle M. Pillow – Booklisti feature

Paranormal Women’s Fiction by the Fab13 – Booklisti feature

Books in the Qurilixen World by Michelle M. Pillow – Booklisti feature

Michelle M. Pillow’s Audiobook Picks – “Check out Michelle M. Pillow’s favorite paranormal romances from some of the top authors in the genre, and explore some of her books in this playlist!” – Feature

Merely Mortal Book Feature, The Chrysalis BREW Project


June 2023 – Must Read Authors – Melanie’s Muses

The best paranormal women’s fiction celebrating Gen X heroines – Shepherd

August 2023 – Booksprout Review, Booklinker, Quoted for article

August 2023 – Spotlight on Michelle M. Pillow: A Bestselling Author Who Weaves Magic into Words, Book Defender

October 2023 – Barnes & Noble Press Blog: Book Second Chance Magic featured on Favorite Paranormal Women’s Fiction

“So this story isn’t what I expected and I am pleasantly glad it wasn’t. Powerful emotion and modern events with magic added into the mix. What a great compilation of creativity for a middle age female!”Lisa Clover, B&N Reviewer for Second Chance Magic

November 2023 – Michelle M. Pillow’s 3 favorite reads in 2023, Shepherd

November 2023 – Lakeland Gazette: Second Chance Magic Review


June 2022 – Indie Spotlight: Better Haunts and Garden Gnomes – Publishers Weekly

August 2022 – Indie Spotlight: Fire Prince – Publishers Weekly

September 2022 – First Lines: A Streak of Lightning – Publishers Weekly

December 12, 2022 – Member Spotlight: Michelle M. Pillow – Author’s Guild


Sept 16, 2021 – Amazon Direct Publishing’s KDP University @ Home with Michelle M. Pillow – Webinar discussing book marketing, publishing, branding, and writing in multiple genres.

In the News
June 25, 2021 – Indie Spotlight: Mystery, Thriller, and True Crime – Booklife

June 2021 issue of Publishers Weekly: Indie Spotlight– appeared in the 06/28/2021 issue of Publishers Weekly

July 2021 – Interview: Michelle M. Pillow – Cozy Capers

July 2021 – The Jaded Hunter by Michelle M. Pillow book quoted in The Herald

July 26, 2021 – Indie Spotlight: July 2021 – Booklife

July 26, 2021 – Publishers Weekly: Indie Spotlight – appeared in the 07/26/2021 issue of Publishers Weekly

August 2021 – Author Michelle Pillow Receives MS Arts Commission Grant –

August 2021 – Authors Guild – Member Awards & Achievements

August 2021 – Publishers Weekly: Indie Spotlight – appeared in the 08/30/2021 issue of Publishers Weekly

August 27, 2021 – Indie Spotlight: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Adventure – Booklife

September 4, 2021 – Mississippi author receives grant to distribute book – The Dispatch, newspaper

Oct 2021 – The Fifth Sense Featured Review – Publishers Weekly

Oct 1, 2021 – International Coffee Day 2021 Quotes – International Business Times

Nov 5, 2021 – Feral Prince, First Lines Feature – Publishers Weekly


May 2020 – Spotlight: Michelle M. Pillow – The Writing Life, The Authors Guild 

Aug 2020 – From Afar — Science fiction romance, summer romance reading, bingo fun – Roswell Daily Record



April 2019 – ‘If you plagiarize, I will come for you:’ Nora Roberts sues author cited in #CopyPasteCris uproar – CBC about the #copypastecris plagiarist Cristiane Serruya (Michelle’s 12 books that the plagiarist stole from are listed in the twitter graphic)

April 2019 – Readers Fighting Plagiarism: An Interview with Kristy Caffeinated Fae and Claire Ryan – Smart Bitches Trashy Books Podcast about the #copypastecris plagiarist Cristiane Serruya who stole from 12 of Michelle’s books (read the transcript of the podcast)

July 2019 – Top quotes about haters hating on your relationship – Kenya News


July 18, 2018 – Pauline Baird Jones Blog – Why Michelle M. Pillow Wrote BETTER HAUNTS AND GARDEN GNOMES

July 12,2018 – – Women on the Move: Romance Novelist Adds Sci-Fi Flair to Oxford By Talbert Toole, Lifestyles Editor

July 11, 2018 – Urban Fantasy Investigations – Interview: His Earth Maiden by Michelle M. Pillow

July 2018 Issue – RWR Romance Writers Report Magazine – 100 Published Romances Milestone

July 9, 2018 – Newswire – NYT and USA TODAY Bestselling Romance Author Michelle M. Pillow Recognized for Publishing Over 100 Books in Her Nearly 15-Year Career

July 9, 2018 – Everyday Fan Girl Blog – Interview with an Author: Michelle M. Pillow 

July 9, 2018 – Indie Author News – Indie Author Interview: Michelle M. Pillow

July 5, 2018 – Fiction Vixon Books and Beauty – Weekly Feature: His Earth Maiden: A Qurilixen World Novel (Space Lords Book 4) by Michelle M. Pillow

July 2018 – Pippa Jay’s Blog: Meet the Author Monday

June 26, 2018 – RomCon – Contemporary Interview with author Michelle M. Pillow

June 26, 2018 – Jessica E. Subject – Top Ten Reasons I’m an Author

June 25, 2018 – Sci Fi Romance Brigade – Monday Meet the Author – Michelle M. Pillow

June 25, 2018 – Newswire – Garden Gnomes and Mysterious Accidents the Premise of New Cozy Mystery by NYT Bestselling Romance Author, Michelle M. Pillow

June 18, 2018 –  Baroness’ Book Trove – About the Author Interview


November 10, 2017 – Kobo Writing Life – Making the Group Effort

Mar 28, 2017  – Newswire – Award Winning Author, Michelle M. Pillow, Announces Launch of New Book, “Cauldrons and Confessions”, a Warlocks MacGregor® Novel


Fall 2016 – TV Appearance – Syfy Channel’s Z Nation – Refugee of the Apocalypse: Being an extra on ‘Z Nation’

Dec 2016 – Arranged Marriage Perfect Juxtapose in Gothic Twister: An Interview with bestselling author Michelle M. Pillow – Tyler Tichelaar, Ph.D, The Gothic Wanderer

Dec 2016 – Michelle Pillow’s New Novel Reflects that Gothic Romance Is Alive and Well – Tyler Tichelaar, Ph.D, The Gothic Wanderer


June 2006 – Writerspace – Dancing with Myself

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