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Tribes of the Vampire

Discover the dark, thrilling world of the Tribes of the Vampire series – an urban fantasy series of adult vampire romance novels that will take you on a journey into a captivating underworld. In this series, dark vampire romances combine gothic horror with the classic love story, but with a twist. Destiny might bring the lovers together, but powerful and dark vampiric forces conspire to tear them apart. Dark vampire romances usually involve dark, brooding characters and settings such as castles or cemeteries. The protagonists are usually humans who are in love with vampires, and the stories feature themes of power struggles between humans and supernaturals.

The vampire’s character will often be shrouded in mystery – they can be dangerous, evil villains or misunderstood heroes. It’s up to the readers to decide. These tales explore the depths of human emotions and relationships while posing philosophical questions about morality and mortality. In these dark vampire romances, readers can expect to find plenty of suspenseful action as well as passionate moments between characters during their journey for true love amidst danger and chaos.

Just don’t forget the number one rule: Don’t mess with the vampire tribal elders.

Dark Paranormal Vampire Romance and Urban Fantasy by NYT & USAT Bestselling Author Michelle M. Pillow.

Redeemer of Shadows Book Cover for the Tribes of the Vampire series

Redeemer of Shadows

Vampire Romance Books

Start at the beginning with Tribes of the Vampire series book one.

Follow the thrilling journey of two star-crossed lovers as they fight against dark, powerful vampiric forces to stay together and find their destiny in this captivating urban fantasy paranormal romance.

5 Stars! “I can honestly say that I have not enjoyed a vampire story this much since reading Anne Rice’s novels. Ms. Pillow has written a book which I found difficult to put down, and I highly recommend it.”


RJ Reviews

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Tribes of the Vampire Series

  Dark Vampire Romance

Tribes of the Vampire
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Tribes of the Vampire Series, dark vampire urban fantasy romance for adults

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As an author, I love intricate world-building. It allows me to unlock an infinite realm of possibilities and guide my readers through immersive landscapes that exist solely within the confines of my imagination. That’s what I love about this series. A rich, full world populated by flawed, sometimes evil, characters and a hero and heroine who have to navigate it all.

Michelle M. Pillow

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adult dark vampire romance novels

Tribes of the Vampire

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