The Savage King Book Cover

The Savage King

By Michelle M. Pillow

Lords of the Var® Series Book #1

Cat shifter King Kirill has a duty to his people — one that does not involve falling in love. But when he meets alluring undercover agent Ulyssa, he’ll have to choose between the throne and undeniable passion. A sexy paranormal romance with over 1,000 five-star ratings on Goodreads.– Bookbub

5 stars! “I love how they treat their women.”

​Cat-shifting King Kirill knows he must do his royal duty by his people. When his father unexpectedly dies, it’s his destiny to take the throne and all of the responsibility that entails. What he hadn’t prepared for is the troublesome female prisoner he inherited.

Undercover Agent Ulyssa is no man’s captive. Trapped in a primitive alien forest awaiting pickup, she’s going to make the best out of a bad situation… which doesn’t include falling for the seductions of an alpha male king.

A Qurilixen World Novel

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What Readers Are Saying


5 Stars! “She had me at Paranormal Sci Fi CAT-SHIFTERS!!!”

Tasha Black

USA Today Bestselling Author

“Get ready for a thrilling ride to planet Qurilixen, where gorgeous cat-shifting alphas rule. …Intrigue, romance and sizzling sex keep the story moving.”

RT Magazine


5 Stars! “Great book by a great author!”

Bianca D’Arc

USA Today Bestselling Author

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Print Pages Hours to Read Total Words
418 6 – 7 Hours 73K

Original Copyright Release Date: 2005/03

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CW: Michelle M. Pillow’s books contain adult subject matter, graphic violence, and are not suitable for all audiences. 

Book Heal Levels: Spicy

  • Fated Mates, Alpha Hero
  • Stranded, Kidnapped
  • Lovers in denial
  • Nobility & Royalty
  • Cat Shifter

Upon ascending the throne, cat shifter King Kirill must figure out what to do with his father’s prisoner: undercover agent Ulyssa. She’s not the type to submit to anyone — but she doesn’t stand a chance against their attraction…

About the Lords of the Var® Book Series

The cat-shifter princes were raised to not believe in love, especially love for one woman, and they will do everything in their power to live up to their father’s expectations. Oh, how the mighty will fall.

This series is part of the Qurilixen World.


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Recognition and Reviews

5 Stars! “Great book by a great author!” Bianca D’Arc, USA Today Bestselling Author (2019)

5 Stars! “She had me at Paranormal Sci Fi CAT-SHIFTERS!!!” Tasha Black, USA Today Bestselling Author (2020)

“5 stars and a place on my fave’s bookshelf!!! I have a great love and passion about shifters and hot alpha males who knows how to treat their woman.”Jwezi, Goodreads (2012)

“Get ready for a thrilling ride to planet Qurilixen, where gorgeous cat-shifting alphas rule. …Intrigue, romance and sizzling sex keep the story moving.”  –RT Magazine, April 2007

5 Stars! “This is an amazing super sexy, super steamy, super hubba hubba book! I loved every page of it. The characters, the plot, the drama, the sexual tension all of it was a terrific read. The author knocked it out of the ball park! Well done!” Denise S, Amazon

5 Stars! “I wasn’t sure switching from Dragon to Var cat shifters was gonna keep me interested- I was wrong. This book just was a page Turner from start to finish (so the kids got cereal for dinner and laundry didn’t get done – I so had to finish this book- even if it’s midnight on a school night!)” Amazon Reader

5 Stars! “Holy Cats! And I thought all the Var were ugly cat people, yea right, I just got so hooked to the Dragon Lords that I thought all Var were bad and ugly….Well now I am in love with the Dragon Princes Dragon Lords and the Var Princes, I’ll take one of each thank you.” Spanish Lady, Amazon (2015)

5 Stars! “The Var princes are an interesting group, at first glance, they are nothing like the Draig. King Attor never took a mate and has taught all of his sons that to be mated to a woman and to love is to be weak. All of his sons seem to agree with this idea to some degree, but Kirill is starting to have possessive feelings for Ulyssa, and he decides that one night isn’t enough. I really liked this story, but it took me a little time to warm up to Kirill and the Var, it may be because I loved the Draig princes and lords so much and I love how they treat their women, which is different for the Var. There was a lot of action in this book and the love scenes were really hot.” Amanda R, Amazon (2015)

5 Stars! “This book was written by a very talented and unique author who has a strong sense of humor and a wonderful way to portray love!!” Lena deLeonAmazon (2016)

5 ANGEL! RECOMMENDED READ! Fallen Angel Review