His Highness the Duke

By Michelle M. Pillow

Dragon Lords Series Book #5

The original Dragon Lords series by NYT Bestselling Author, Michelle M. Pillow.

The would-be heroine… 
Aeron wants nothing more than to live out her very long, solitary life in a small metal room listening to communications for the Federation Military. It’s not glamorous. It’s not even charming. But it’s safe and there’s no chance of getting hurt.

When she intercepts a communication about an impending attack on the Qurilixian people, she has no choice but to act. No one at the Federation seems inclined to do anything and it’s up to her to save them. Desperate, she enlists the help of her degenerate sister, whose only solution is to trick Aeron into signing up as a prospective bride to the primitive aliens she’s trying to rescue.

The man who did not need saved… 
Dragon-shifter nobleman Lord Bron, is not looking forward to his seventh failed attempt at a marriage ceremony. But when he sees the lovely Aeron he knows his years of waiting have finally paid off. Fate has blessed him with a life mate…

Or have they?

His new bride is insistent she’s not there for marriage, but for a mission. Dragon shifters mate for life and it’s up to Bron to convince her they are fated to be, or he’ll risk spending the rest of his days alone.

A Qurilixen World Novel

What Readers Are Saying

“Michelle M. Pillow’s Qurilixen World romances are like chocolate for my eyeballs. I fell in love with Aeron and Bron. They’re magical together.”

Cynthia Sax

USA Today Bestselling author (2021)


5 Stars! “It was an absolute pleasure to read this very entertaining dragon shifter romance… The plot is exceptionally intriguing & has splendid world-building with good scene descriptions.”

Patricia Hoffstaetter

Bookbub (2021)


5 Stars! “Fanfreakintastic… Great characters. Funny.”

Vedece Barnes

Goodreads (2020)

Book Details

Print Pages Hours to Read Total Words
326 6 – 7 Hours 57K

Original Copyright Release Date: 2012/01/12

Coming Soon

CW: Michelle M. Pillow’s books contain adult subject matter, graphic violence, and are not suitable for all audiences. 

Book Heal Levels: Spicy

  • Fated Mates, Alpha Hero
  • Planet / Man in Peril
  • Mail Order Bride
  • Nobility & Royalty
  • Dragon Shifter

About the Dragon Lords Series 

Books 5-8

The Noblemen dragon shifter brothers aren't new to the sacred Qurilixian bridal ceremony. After several failed attempts at finding a wife, it's hard to get excited about yet another festival. No matter how honorably they try to live, it would seem fate thinks them unworthy of such happiness... that is until now.

With very few words spoken and the shortest, most bizarre courtship in history, these dragons will bond to their women forever. And once bonded, these men won't let go...

This series is part of the Qurilixen World.


Dragon Lords Reading Order


Featured Reader Reviews

5 Stars! “engaging sci-fi romance” – Marianne, Bookbub (2021)

5 Stars! “The dukes are much like their cousins the princes when it comes to women so there are some funny and sad misunderstandings to work through on the way to marital bliss, but it’s a great ride and not to be missed. Love the series! Keep em comin!” Sharon Hatt , Goodreads (2015)

5 Stars! “I loved all four Dragon Princes books by Michelle M. Pillow so I was so excited to read about their royal cousins. This first book in the series did not disappoint, I loved it. The royal cousins are as hot as the princes!” Amanda R, Goodreads (2015)

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