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The hilarious award-winning series of Scottish Paranormal Magical Romance, Warlocks MacGregor®, is filled with magic, mischief, and kilts! This is not your everyday witches and warlocks sort of series. Magicians, illusionists, and entertainers understand that magic is fake. But there is a much older magic, an occult force concealed from modern-day eyes nestled inside legends and lore, guarded by the few who know its secrets. It just happens those guards are the mischievous MacGregor family. The prankster Scottish warlocks understand their responsibility, but they don’t always give it the respect it deserves. 

Small-town Wisconsin will never be the same since the Scots moved into town! Just be careful you don’t drink any love potions or go roaming the forest at night. You never know what kind of crazy spell will have gone awry.

Warlocks MacGregor: Magic, Mischief, and Kilts! Scroll down for a list to read the MacGregors series in order.

A Scottish paranormal magical romance. Winner of the Romance Writers of America HOLT Medallion.


Love Potions Book Cover for the Warlocks MacGregor series

Love Potions

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Start at the beginning with the Warlocks MacGregor series book one.

A little magical mischief never hurt anyone until a love potion goes terribly wrong. See what happens when prankster siblings spike your lotion. Hilarious!

5 Stars! “RECOMMENDED READ! “Peeps…this is the FUNNIEST book that I’ve read this year. I mean rolling on the couch, tears streaming, almost wetting my pants funny. The dialogue between every character is funny and perfect. You will have a smile on your face from the first page to the last page.”
Harlie’s Books Review

HOLT Medallion Award of Merit recipient for outstanding literary fiction in Paranormal

Virginia Romance Writers

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Warlocks MacGregor

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