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Notice of Registered Trademarks
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Also Note:

Some of the links on this site may include affiliate links for Amazon, iBooks, or other retailers. All affiliate advertising fees are paid by the retailer, not the customer.

NO AI TRAINING: Without in any way limiting the author’s [and publisher’s] exclusive rights under copyright, any use of Michelle’s copyrighted books to “train” generative artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to generate text is expressly prohibited. The author reserves all rights to license uses of this work for generative AI training and development of machine learning language models.

As per my attorney’s request, any book ideas, suggestions, storylines, characters, and such will not be read and will be deleted promptly.

PRIZES: Winners have 48 hours max to claim their prizes. No exceptions. No replacements will be given. If you win a prize in a contest or theme day (etc) from me and do not claim it within 48 hours, it’s void. Out-of-print books and some publisher-contracted books are not available as prizes unless specified.

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