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Space Lords

Sail the high skies with the Space Lords in this space pirate sci-fi romance book series! Have you ever dreamed of taking a voyage through the stars? Long for adventure inside a spaceship, like surviving a crash landing or two? Want to meet aliens, break curses, fall in love, and maybe get taken prisoner along the way? Book your trip now! This hilariously fun science fiction space opera adventure is for you.

Take a journey through the universes with this mischievous band of space pirates as they struggle to break the curse laid upon them by an angry spirit’s premonition. They face a lifetime of never finding true love, but that doesn’t stop them from trying.

Join the adventure with these thrilling books full of action, suspense, and passionate love.

Space Pirate Sci-Fi Romance Book Series – Part of the Qurilixen World – Fans of the Dragon Lords and Lords of the Var series will remember these fun-loving misfits.

His Frost Maiden Book Cover for Space Lords

Start at the beginning with the Space Lords series book one.

Before Josselyn can join her family in the afterlife, she must avenge their murders. Falling in love with a pirate was never in her plan.

Evan and his thieving crewmates might have delayed her fate, but they can’t stop the inevitable.

5 Stars! “Interesting and original plot. You have no idea how its going to work out. It reminds you of what sleeping beauty’s castle would be like as they woke up after 100 years, and only Aurora survived.”



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