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Michelle is a hybrid author (big traditional, small press, indie). Almost all of her books’ latest editions can be found through Ingrams, but if you have questions or can’t find one, don’t hesitate to ask. Below is a complete list of current ISBNs for paperbacks and hardbacks.

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If you’re having problems ordering the books, we recommend Book Depository for non-US countries. They deliver worldwide with free shipping. Look up the book by the ISBN numbers provided below. 

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Current ISBN

Book TitlePaperbackHardback
A Dash of Destiny (Warlocks MacGregor®)978-1-62501-258-6978-1-62501-310-1
A Potion for Your Thoughts: A Cozy Paranormal Mystery978-1-62501-334-7
A Streak of Lightning (Warlocks MacGregor®)978-1-62501-320-0
Any Witch Way But Goode: A Cozy Paranormal Mystery9781625012296
Ariella’s Keeper978-1-62501-187-9
Bad to the Gnome: A Collection of Cozy Paranormal Mystery Romances9798833125380
Barbarian Prince978-1-62501-169-5978-162501-267-8
Better Haunts and Garden Gnomes978-1-62501-163-3
Call of Temptation978-1-62501-195-4
Call of the Sea978-1-62501-192-3
Call of the Untamed978-1-62501-194-7
Captive of the Deep978-1-62501-207-4
Cauldrons and Confessions978-1-62501-167-1978-1-62501-307-1
Commanding the Tides978-1-62501-206-7
Cupid’s Enchantment: Anniversary Edition9781625012470
Cupid’s Favor: Anniversary Edition9781625012494
Cupid’s Revenge: Anniversary Edition9781625012487
Curses and Cupcakes978-1-62501-254-8
Dark Prince978-1-62501-171-8978-162501-284-5
Determined Prince978-1-62501-181-7
Dragon Prince978-1-62501-227-2978-1-62501-264-7
Emerald Knight978-1-62501-209-8
Eternally Bound978-1-62501-036-0
Everlastingly: A Paranormal Romance978-1-62501-272-2
Faery Queen978-1-62501-328-6
Falcon’s Mate (AKA Seize the Hunter)978-1-62501-193-0
Feral Prince978-1-62501-277-7978-1-62501-278-4
Fighting Lady Jayne978-1-62501-188-6
Fire Prince978-1-62501-279-1978-1-62501-318-7
Fooled Around and Spelled in Love978-1-62501-234-0
Forget Me Not: 17th Anniversary Edition978-1-62501-260-9978-1-62501-263-0
Headstrong Prince978-1-62501-180-0
Her Lawless Prince978-1-62501-330-9978-1-62501-331-6
His Earth Maiden978-1-62501-419-1978-1-62501-274-6
His Fire Maiden978-1-62501-417-7978-1-62501-271-5
His Frost Maiden978-1-62501-196-1978-1-62501-270-8
His Highness the Duke978-1-62501-173-2978-1-62501-282-1
His Metal Maiden978-1-62501-418-4978-1-62501-273-9
His Woodland Maiden9781625012371978-1-62501-276-0
Hunted by the Dragon978-1-62501-184-8
In Her Shadows978-1-62501-603-4
Keeping Paige978-1-62501-190-9
King of the Unblessed978-1-62501-327-9
Kisses and Curses978-1-62501-221-0978-1-62501-312-5
Lilith Enraptured978-1-62501-191-6
Linnea’s Arrangement978-1-62501-185-5
Lord of Fire, Lady of Ice978-1-62501-232-6
Love Potions978-1-62501-164-0978-1-62501-304-0
Magick and Mischief9781625012425978-1-62501-309-5
Magickal Trouble978-1-62501-332-3Coming Soon
Maiden and the Monster978-1-62501-208-1
Making Waves978-1-62501-287-6
Marked Prince978-1-62501-255-5978-1-62501-266-1
Merely Mortal978-1-62501-341-5
Mischievous Prince978-1-62501-179-4
Mostly Shattered978-1-62501-342-2
Night Magick978-1-62501-298-2978-1-62501-311-8
Perfect Prince978-1-62501-170-1978-1-62501-269-2
Portal Healers978-1625013231
Portal Warriors978-1625013255
Portrait of His Obsession9781625012463
Rebellious Prince978-1-62501-182-4
Redeemer of Shadows978-1-62501-801-4
Second Chance Magic9781625012418978-1-62501-296-8
Seducing Cecilia978-1-62501-186-2
Seduction of the Phoenix978-1-62501-265-4
Spirits and Spells978-1-62501-168-8978-1-62501-308-8
Stirring Up Trouble978-1-62501-166-4978-1-62501-306-4
Stone Queen978-1-62501-329-3
Stranded with the Cajun978-1-62501-183-1
Surrender to the Sea978-1-62501-290-6
Taking Karre978-1-62501-189-3
Temptation of the Butterfly978-1-62501-250-0
The Bound Prince978-1-62501-212-8978-1-62501-301-9
The Dragon’s Queen978-1-62501-177-0978-1-62501-285-2
The Eighth Potion978-1-62501-335-4978-1-62501-336-1
The Fifth Sense978-1-62501-262-3978-1-62501-293-7
The Fourth Power9781625012517978-1-62501-294-4
The Impatient Lord978-1-62501-176-3978-1-62501-292-0
The Jaded Hunter978-1-62501-602-7
The Merman King978-1-62501-286-9
The Mighty Hunter978-1-62501-205-0
The Pirate Prince978-1-62501-214-2978-1-62501-303-3
The Playful Prince978-1-62501-211-1978-1-62501-300-2
The Reluctant Lord978-1-62501-175-6978-1-62501-268-5
The Rogue Prince978-1-62501-213-5978-1-62501-302-6
The Savage King978-1-62501-210-4978-1-62501-299-9
The Seventh Key978-1-62501-280-7978-1-62501-322-4
The Sixth Spell978-1-62501-314-9978-1-62501-315-6
The Stubborn Lord978-1-62501-174-9978-1-62501-291-3
Third Time’s A Charm9781625012456978-1-62501-295-1
Warrior Prince978-1-62501-172-5978-1-62501-283-8
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