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Historical romance is the ultimate genre for readers who crave a journey back in time. Whether it be to explore the thrill of forbidden love during Regency times or to take a peek at life in a medieval castle, historical romances are full of excitement and drama.

With compelling characters and captivating settings, these books provide more than just an escape into another era; they bring readers into a completely different world. Historical romances often include elements such as sweeping landscapes, intricate details about fashion and culture from past eras, and immersive plotlines that will keep you on your toes!  Not only do these stories transport you into the past, but they also inspire us with themes of strength, resilience, and courage in the face of adversity.

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Regency & Victorian


Medieval historical romance is a genre of literature and film that focuses on romantic stories set during the medieval period. It typically features a central heroic couple who are separated by social or political events, but remain devoted to each other despite the obstacles they face. The genre often takes its cue from real-life historic figures and events, blending reality with fantasy and creating an immersive narrative for readers to explore.

Within medieval historical romance, readers may find themselves traveling back in time to experience grandiose castles, lavish banquets, dramatic tournaments and thrilling adventure stories of love conquering all odds. Characters can range from knights in shining armor to brave damsels in distress as well as kings, queens and courtiers making their way through a variety of exciting scenarios – all at the backdrop of Europe’s medieval history.

Medieval Romances

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 Regency & Victorian


Regency and Victorian historical romance is a type of fiction that centers around the love stories between two characters set in either the Regency period (1811 – 1820) or the Victorian era (1837 – 1901). These stories are often considered to be some of the most romantic and popular in literature, as they offer readers an opportunity to escape into a world of lavish lifestyle, exotic locales, and passionate love affairs.

The Regency period was marked by great social reform, while the Victorian era was characterized by industrialization and economic change. Both periods were steeped in strict rules of etiquette among all classes. The protagonists of these novels are typically aristocrats or members of high society who must navigate their way through these rigid rules while also catching glimpses into a forbidden and exciting new world.

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