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Contemporary Romance

Modern Romance, Contemporary Romance Book Recommendations

Love modern romance? The contemporary romance genre is full of love, passion, heartache, and emotional intensity, perfect for anyone looking for an emotionally charged story.

Looking for contemporary romance book recommendations without any paranormal elements? Matthews Sisters series shown below is a super sexy, fun, and lighthearted work of fiction that was originally part of Virgin Books / Random House’s CHEEK imprint. They feature elements of comedy, drama, fantasy, and adventure – all culminating in heartfelt conclusions.

Enjoy the supernatural as well? Try Warlocks MacGregor or Order of Magic series.

Order of Magic, Paranormal Women's Fiction Book Series

Some of my series are contemporary set modern-day paranormal romances. You can find those series here:

Warlocks MacGregor® Series

Order of Magic Series

Matthews Sisters Series & Other Cheek Books

  Random House, Virgin Book Cheek Imprint Titles

contemporary romance book recommendations

Modern Romance

The stories are set in contemporary times, with characters facing realistic challenges like career pressures or family dynamics that can complicate their love story. Modern romances focus on developing relationships between protagonists, progressing slowly over time as they learn more about one another and work toward mutual understanding. The genre also celebrates different forms of love, such as friendship or platonic relationships that may exist before or after the main romantic plotline.

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