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(Un)Lucky Valley

Cozy Paranormal Mystery Romance

Immerse yourself in the world of cozy paranormal mystery romance with this fun collection! Uncover clues and unravel the secrets of the beloved book series, (Un)Lucky Valley – perfect for a lazy day of reading.

Tired of the same old mysteries? Welcome to Lucky Valley where nothing is quite what it seems. Whether it’s Aunty Polly and her pet lobster up to their hilarious antics or Lily Goode doing her best to deal with a gnome infestation at the bed and breakfast she inherited, Michelle M. Pillow’s cozy paranormal romance mystery series is sure to test your sleuthing skills.

A Cozy Paranormal Mystery Romance Series by NYT Bestseller Michelle M. Pillow

Fooled Around and Spelled in Love Book Cover, cozy paranormal mystery romance

Welcome to Everlasting, Maine, where there’s no such thing as normal. Part of the USA TODAY bestselling series: Happily Everlasting!

Start at the beginning with (Un)Lucky Valley’s prequel book, Fooled Around and Spelled and Love (listed under the Happily Everlasting series). You do not need to read the Happily Everalsting books to enjoy (Un)Lucky Valley.

5 Stars! “It had romance magic and lots of suspense. I did not know who the killer was until the end and I’m usually pretty good at figuring it out which was a plus for me.” 

Willow Webster


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Fooled Around and Spelled in Love Book Cover

Happily Everlasting

Curses and Cupcakes Book Cover

Happily Everlasting

Any Witch Way But Goode Book Cover

(Un)Lucky Valley

A Potion for Your Thoughts

(Un)Lucky Valley

(Un)Lucky Valley
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Unlucky Valley Series, paranormal cozy mystery

(Un)Lucky Valley Book Series World

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Author Note: The Happily Everlasting Series World – Featuring books from NY Times & USA TODAY bestselling authors Jana DeLeon, Mandy M. Roth, Michelle M. Pillow, and USA TODAY bestselling author Kristen Painter! They do not all have to be read in order to understand the series, but they’re awesome so you might want to anyway.


cozy paranormal mystery romance, Happily Everlasting and Unlucky Valley series

(Un)Lucky Valley

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Please note the cozy mystery books do not have sexy times. Most of Michelle’s books do.

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