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Realm Immortal Series 

KU End Date: November 28, 2021 PDT / Series ASIN: B074CJGF9H

Naughty Cupid Series

KU End Date: November 28, 2021 PDT / Series ASIN: B084G9ZT4S

Call of the Lycan Series 

KU End Date: October 16, 2021 PDT / Series ASIN: B074CGKP8X

Silo Saga

I was invited to do this book for Kindle Worlds back when it started. It's post-apocalyptic romance set in Hugh Howey's Wool world. It's not like my other stuff.

KU end date: Ongoing


Chosen, Stranded, Destined (Silo Saga)
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Love Potions

Limited Time Free eBook

NOT IN KU, but Free and that's cool too!

Note about these series:

Where I recommend you start depends on what you like.
Read the descriptions as they are very different series.


Urban Fantasy, Dark Paranormal Romance - These vampires aren't sparkly. They're sexy as sin, dangerous, and definitely struggling with their vampiric curses. Some are struggling more than others. (HEA romance, sexual tension and open door sex)


Paranormal Shifter Romance - This is a SEXIER series. It was originally published with Ellora's Cave.


Alternate Reality Romance - Sci Fi Fantasy Romance - Parallel Plane travel to land filled with alpha males who have been at war for centuries (warriors), and a plane filled with highly medical society (healers) on the brink of a pandemic.   

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