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Lords of the Abyss

Dive into an enchanting ocean of adventure, romance, and fantasy with the best-selling paranormal merman romance series, Lords of the Abyss, where you will be whisked away to the lost city of Atlantes and maybe even find yourself turning into a mermaid.

As passion explodes against all odds, these women plunge into the depths of emotions while discovering secrets that could forever alter their destinies – and those of the entire underwater world. With breathtaking action scenes, heart-felt romantic moments, and plenty of surprises at every turn, readers will find themselves mesmerized by this thrilling tale that’s full of passion, romance, and the shifting sands of fate.

Paranormal Merman Shifter Series from NYT a Bestselling Author

The Mighty Hunter Book Cover of the Lords of the Abyss series

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After her ship is destroyed, Bridget awakens in a submerged city known as Atlantes, which is inhabited by creatures of the sea. Here she meets the mysterious merman who rescued her from danger: a handsome, charismatic shifter with an alluring charm that’s impossible to resist.

5 Stars! “Loved this twist on mermaids/mermen! Fun to read with just enough steamy scenes. Another great series from Michelle Pillow!” 

Tana Stone

Sci-fi Romance Author

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Lords of the Abyss Reading Order

Lords of the Abyss, Paranormal Romance Shifter Series

Overall Merman Book Reading Order

Lords of the Abyss Book Series

  1. The Mighty Hunter
  2. Commanding the Tides
  3. Captive of the Deep
  4. Surrender to the Sea
  5. Making Waves
  6. The Merman King

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mermaid romance

Lords of the Abyss

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