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Dynasty Lords

Opposites attract in this thrilling sci-fi futuristic love story of the Dynasty Lords series between two vastly different people: a royal prince raised in honor and tradition and a woman raised with nothing at all. The royal princes must go through the annual tradition of meeting all eligible women and selecting a wife, but none of the brothers wish to wed. This time an ancestor guardian has a plan. He’s going to take matters into his own ghostly hands. 

Series Note: This series features Mei from Lords of the Var: The Pirate Prince’s family.

Paranormal Fantasy, Sci-Fi Futuristic Romance Series – Part of the Qurilixen World

Seduction of the Phoenix Book Cover

Start at the beginning with Dynasty Lords Series book one.

A captivating sci-fi romance between an honorable prince trying to protect his people’s most prized treasure, and the daring thief who who’s job it is to take it.

5 Stars! “This is an awesome sci-fi/fantasy romance. I liked a lot! It has suspense and adventure, drama and romance. Wonderful and fascinating characters and storyline.”



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