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Are you a fan of whodunnit cozy mystery novels and the paranormal? If so, you may have heard of cozy paranormal mysteries. These cozy mysteries are a genre of fiction that combines the elements of crime and puzzles with a small-town atmosphere.

A cozy mystery is perfect if you’re looking for an engaging read that will keep you guessing until the very last page! These books feature interesting supernatural characters and plenty of twists and turns. The amateur sleuths in these stories often come from all walks of life, from coffee shop owners to witches in denial and more. They work together to solve crimes in their quaint towns, using both logic and their own wit.

Happily Everlasting & (Un)Lucky Valley Series

  Paranormal Cozy Mystery Romances

Fooled Around and Spelled in Love Book Cover

Happily Everlasting

Curses and Cupcakes Book Cover

Happily Everlasting

Any Witch Way But Goode Book Cover

(Un)Lucky Valley

A Potion for Your Thoughts

(Un)Lucky Valley

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