Merely Mortal Urban Fantasy Book Series

Welcome to an exclusive character interview with me, Michelle M. Pillow, the acclaimed author of “Merely Mortal,” and Tamara, the protagonist of this gripping novel, who is so excited to thank me for her adventures. Let’s dive into our candid conversation and get a unique perspective on the trials and tribulations Tamara faces in the book. I’d like to remind Tamara that I’m writing book two, Mostly Shattered. No reason. Just… I’m writing it now. Things can happen. So many things.

Michelle: Hey, Tamara!


Michelle: How’ve you been?


Michelle: So, are you mad at me for everything I put you through in “Merely Mortal”?

Tamara: Mad? That’s an understatement. I mean, you kinda put me through the wringer. Did you have to make things so difficult?

Michelle: I know, it was tough. But you’re here, so yay!


Michelle: Um… Speaking of tough, what was the hardest part about being a mortal in a family full of supernaturals?

Tamara: I constantly felt like an outsider. Watching everyone around me use their incredible powers while I was just ordinary was frustrating and often made me feel insignificant. But it also forced me to find my own strengths and prove that being mortal doesn’t mean being weak.

Michelle: That’s a powerful realization. Was there a moment in the book where you thought, “Really, Michelle? You’re making me do this?”

Tamara: The scene with the vampires. The soul eater. The fires. My parents. The bus. The police.

Michelle: That’s enough examples.

Tamara: It kind of felt like you enjoyed it a little too much. You should maybe talk to someone and have that checked out. And honestly, I’m still not sure if I came out of it okay. And, come on, that ending–

Michelle: Sorry about that! Moving on. Do you ever wish I’d given you some supernatural abilities?

Tamara: It would’ve made things a lot easier. If I could choose, I’d want the power to heal. It’s a compassionate ability and could help so many people. Or maybe to be able to throw fireballs at authors.

Michelle: Healing is a noble choice. How did you handle balancing your mortal limitations with the supernatural world?

Tamara: It was a constant challenge. I had to find ways to stay involved and be useful despite my limitations. Honestly, I’m still grappling with it.

Michelle: That’s understandable. If you could share one message with the readers, what would it be?

Tamara: Please buy the book. Michelle needs to pay for my therapy. I’d also tell them that everyone has their own strengths, whether they have powers or not. Embrace who you are, find your path, and know that you can make a difference no matter what. And, maybe, brace yourself for the unknown. My story is far from over. At least, I hope this isn’t the end. It does get better, right?


Tamara: RIGHT?

Michelle: That’s all the time we have. You have a meeting to get to.

Tamara: But I don’t have anything scheduled.

Michelle: Thanks for stopping by to chat! It was a pleasant surprise! Time to go.

Tamara: You didn’t give me a choice.

Michelle: Don’t fight it. Get back on the page like a good little sacrifice, erm, character.

Tamara: But, I don’t want… ouch!


Merely Mortal is now in ebook and print. Book 2, Mostly Shattered, is up for preorder. No characters were harmed in the making of this, um, sentence.

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