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Romance is one of the most beloved genres in literature, and it has taken yet another thrilling turn with the emergence of shifter romance. This modern twist on traditional romance stories offers readers an escape into a world full of mystery, suspense, and transformation. Paranormal Genre Book Lists include: Shapeshifter Romance, Dragon Shifter, Cat Shifter, Werewolf, Bird Shifter.

In shifter romance novels, readers will be introduced to characters who can transform between two forms: human and animal. They are often powerful creatures like werewolves, big cats, or dragons, lending an air of excitement to the plot. But beyond the thrills that come with these supernatural elements, this genre also explores themes such as love, identity and acceptance.

The best part about shifter romance? It’s always sure to have readers on their toes until the very last page! If it growls, we have a book for that.

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Dragon Lords Series

  Dragon Shifter

Lords of the Var Series

  Cat Shifter

The Savage King Book Cover

The Savage King
(Lords of the Var)

The Playful Prince Book Cover

The Playful Prince
(Lords of the Var)

The Bound Prince Book Cover

The Bound Prince
(Lords of the Var)

The Rogue Prince Book Cover

The Rogue Prince
(Lords of the Var)

The Pirate Prince Book Cover

The Pirate Prince
(Lords of the Var)

  Dragon & Cat Shifters

Dragon Prince Book Cover

Dragon Prince
Dragon Shifter

Marked Prince Book Cover

Marked Prince
Dragon Shifter

Feral Prince Book Cover

Feral Prince
Cat Shifter

Fire Prince Book Cover

Fire Prince
Dragon Shifter

Her Lawless Prince Book Cover

  Merman / Mermaid


Naughty Cupid Series


Stop Dragon My Heart Around Series

  Dragon Shifter

Romancing the Recluse Book Cover

Romancing the Recluse

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