Sensuality Rating Chart

Sensuality in Michelle M. Pillow books:

Cozy Mystery
Most of these books are considered SWEET/CLEAN, meaning behind-closed-door love scenes if any and/or very mild encounters (i.e. kissing, handholding, attraction, etc.) Examples: (Un)Lucky Valley series, Happily Everlasting series

PWF – Paranormal Women’s Fiction
The PWF books are SENSUAL. One open door scene at most, not too graphic.

Most of Michelle’s romances are considered SENSUAL to SPICY (see chart below), but the focus is always on the story first and the developing relationship.

There are a few older works I did for publishers that fall in to the CARNAL rating. You should be able to tell this easily by the cover and/or book description.

Rating Chart

  • SWEET/CLEAN: Behind-closed-doors sex and/or very mild love scenes and sexual encounters
  • SENSUAL: Love scenes comparative to most romance novels published today
  • SPICY: Heavy sexual tension; graphic details and more sexual encounters
  • CARNAL: Graphic sex and language; may be offensive to delicate readers; contains many sexual encounters and can include unconventional sex not normally found in romance; typically known as erotic romance.
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