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Divinity Worlds

Portal travel to a parallel reality in this alternate universe romance series collection, Divinity Warriors and Divinity Healers. With Divinity Corporation, you can now fly through interdimensional portals to parallel universes; worlds like yours would have been if things had progressed differently. Find medieval alpha warriors who’ve been fighting an endless war and have very little time for romance or technological advancements. Explore their castles, but try to stay out of any Divinity Warriors’ bridal ceremonies. Or perhaps you’d prefer something a little high-tech, like a Divinity Healers’ medically advanced plane where the only career option is in the medical field. Just don’t get trapped there, I hear all that sterilization can have consequences. Whatever your alien pleasure, we’re sure Divinity can find a portal for you. No guarantees on the outcomes, though. These are uncharted alternate universes.

Join NY Times Bestseller Michelle M. Pillow as she takes you on an unforgettable journey through alternate realities in her exciting series: Divinity Warriors series and Divinity Healers series, Alternate Universe Romance, Parallel Universe Romance.

Lilith Enraptured Book Cover

Lilith Enraptured

Alternate Universe Romance Book

Start at the beginning of the Divinity Worlds books with the Divinity Warriors series book one.

Lilith had a dream job at Divinity Corporation, crunching data and working her way up the corporate ladder. But when she wakes one morning in an alternate dimension, she is appalled to find herself the bride of an alien alpha warrior. How did Lilith end up in this strange place? As it turns out, she was transported through a dimensional portal by her own company’s cutting-edge technology. Now Lilith must figure out how to escape before it’s too late. She is determined to use her analytical skills to make sense of this bizarre new world and eventually get home – but first she faces something far more daunting: marrying her captor, the imposing noble alien warrior who claims her as his own.

“If you like books that transport you to unusual cultures with hot alpha men, this book will entertain you. Time traveling heroine ends up in a culture where the men are all he-men and a sassy woman has to figure out her own happy ending.”

Zara West

Contemporary Romance Author

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Ariellas Keeper Book Cover

Ariella’s Keeper

Linnea's Arrangement Book Cover

Linnea’s Arrangement

Portal Healers bookcover

Portal Healers
Books 1-3 Box Set

Divinity World

Reading Order

Divinity Warriors, Alternate Universe Sci-Fi Series

Alternate Universe Romance Books

Divinity Warriors Book Series Reading Order

  1. Lilith Enraptured
  2. Fighting Lady Jayne
  3. Keeping Paige
  4. Taking Karre
  5. Books 1-4 Box Set: Portal Warriors


Divinity Healers Book Series Reading Order

  1. Ariella’s Keeper
  2. Seducing Cecilia
  3. Linnea’s Arrangement
  4. Books 1-3 Box Set: Portal Healers

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Divinity Worlds

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