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What is Sci-Fi Romance?

Sci-fi romance, also known as science fiction romance, is a captivating genre of literature that combines elements of science fiction and romance to create intriguing narratives set in futuristic or speculative worlds.

List of Sci-Fi Romance Sub-genres

Adventure Sci-Fi Romance: Combining action-packed adventures and romance, this sub-genre often features characters on thrilling quests or missions while also exploring their feelings for each other.

Alien Invasion Sci-Fi Romance: Earth is invaded by extraterrestrial beings, but amidst the chaos and destruction, love blossoms between humans and aliens.

Alien/Human Sci-Fi Romance: This sub-genre explores romantic relationships between humans and extraterrestrial beings from different worlds.

Alternate History Romance: These stories reimagine historical events with a romantic twist, exploring how love can change the course of history.

Bio-punk Romance: These stories explore romantic connections within worlds where biotechnology plays a significant role, showcasing ethical dilemmas and personal choices.

Clones/Replicants Sci-Fi Romance: Stories that feature romantic relationships involving clones or humanoid replicas, examining questions of self-identity and human connection.

Colonization Sci-Fi Romance: Set in a future where humans have colonized other planets or moons, these stories explore romantic relationships among colonists in new worlds.

Cyberpunk Romance: Combining elements of science fiction and noir, cyberpunk romance delves into futuristic societies, advanced technology, and love amidst a gritty urban landscape.

Cyborg Sci-Fi Romance: These stories feature romantic relationships between humans and advanced cyborgs or artificial intelligences.

Dystopian Sci-Fi Romance: Love flourishes in oppressive and dystopian societies, where characters fight against injustice while also navigating their feelings for each other.

Exploration Sci-Fi Romance: Characters embark on epic journeys of discovery through space or uncharted territories, where they not only encounter new worlds but also find love along the way.

First Contact Sci-Fi Romance: When humans encounter intelligent alien species for the first time, unexpected romantic connections form as they navigate cultural differences and forge inter-species relationships.

Galactic Empire/Empire Politics Sci-Fi Romance: Love blossoms among powerful factions in vast galactic empires, showcasing political intrigue alongside passionate relationships.

Genetic Engineering Sci-Fi Romance: Love stories involving genetically modified individuals or creatures, exploring themes of identity and acceptance.

Hard Science Fiction Romance: Rooted in scientific accuracy, this sub-genre explores relationships against the backdrop of advanced technology, outer space exploration, and scientific discoveries.

Humorous Sci-Fi Romance: Injecting humor into sci-fi romance, these stories balance adventure with witty banter and comedic situations while characters fall in love.

Military Sci-Fi Romance: Focusing on military settings or organizations in futuristic worlds, these romances portray the challenges of balancing duty and love for soldiers or those involved in conflicts.

Nanopunk Romance: Love stories set in worlds where nanotechnology is omnipresent, exploring the consequences of humanity’s manipulation of matter at the molecular level.

Parallel Universe/Multiverse Sci-Fi Romance: The collision of parallel universes or multiple realities creates opportunities for characters to find love across different dimensions.

Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Romance: After a catastrophic event has transformed society or civilization as we know it, characters find love as they strive to rebuild their lives amidst harsh conditions.

Robot/AI (Artificial Intelligence) Sci-Fi Romance: Romantic entanglements between humans and artificial intelligence entities that blur the boundaries between humanity and technology.

Space Opera Romance: Combining grand-scale space adventures with passionate romance, space opera romances take readers on epic journeys through galaxies filled with danger, conflict, and love.

Steampunk Romance: Combining elements of Victorian era aesthetics with advanced technologies, steampunk romances offer a unique blend of historical romance with futuristic twists.

Time Travel Romance: Characters from different eras come together, finding love despite the barriers of time.

Virtual Reality Romance: Characters connect romantically within virtual reality landscapes, blurring the line between real and digital emotions.


This list provides a glimpse into the diverse sub-genres within sci-fi romance, each offering unique combinations of science fiction and romantic elements to captivate readers.

Science Fiction Romance Genres

Adventure, AI, Alien Invasion, Alien-Human, Alternate History, Bio-Punk, Clones/Replicants, Colonization, Cyberpunk, Cyborg, Dystopian, Exploration, First Contact, Galactic Empire, Genetic Engineering, Hard Science Fiction, Humorous, Military, Nanopunk, Parallel Universe/Multiverse, Post-Apocalyptic, Robot, Space Opera, Steampunk, Time Travel, Virtual Reality

His Metal Maiden (Space Lords) by Michelle M. Pillow

Space Opera Sci-Fi Romance

From bestselling author Michelle M. Pillow comes an exciting space adventure romance!

Alexis may appear to be just a pleasure droid, but her life isn’t as glamorous as it seems. Bound by ownership and lacking memories of anything outside her programming, she longs for freedom and independence. When sparks fly between Lochlann and Alexis, both must confront their pasts and navigate dangerous obstacles in their quest for love and truth.

Embark on this enthralling tale of star-crossed romance where loyalty will be tested, secrets will be revealed, and true love may conquer all.

Fire Prince (Qurilixen Lords) by Michelle M. Pillow

Charming a dragon prince might be her people’s only hope. Too bad the handsome shifter may be more than she can handle.

From acclaimed author Michelle M. Pillow comes an enthralling fantasy science fiction romance!

Prince Kane, an ambassador for the dragon-shifter monarchy, is burdened with immense responsibilities. After driving out the evil Federation and liberating their alien captives, the shifters face internal conflicts and the looming threat of civil war.

In this tumultuous time of unrest, Kane’s focus should be on maintaining peace and stability—not indulging in a romantic entanglement with Nova, a captivating and daring leader who ignites his passion and challenges his every belief.


Ice (Galaxy Alien Mail Order Brides) by Michelle M. Pillow

She’s hot. She’s sexy. She’s everything a lonely alien could want… except for the part where she captures him and puts him in a cage.

5 Stars! “Alien hottie. Check. Funny. Check. Sexy. Double Check. Soooooooo GOOD! Get it.” Robyn Peterman, NYT & USAT bestselling author

The Savage King (Lords of the Var) by Michelle M. Pillow

Futuristic Paranormal Sci-Fi Romance

Cat-shifting King Kirill faces a dilemma: fulfilling his duty to his people or indulging in undeniable passion with Ulyssa, an alluring undercover agent. With over 1,000 five-star ratings on Goodreads, this book is sure to captivate readers.

Portal Warriors: The Complete Divinity Warriors Series by Michelle M. Pillow

His Frost Maiden (Space Lords) by Michelle M. Pillow

Sci-Fi Space Opera Romance

These space pirates sail the high skies looking for adventure, and a woman to end their curse.

Psychic empath and space pirate, Evan Cormier is obsessed with decoding an ominous premonition about his future. When a fellow crewman angered a spirit, the vengeful entity took her wrath out on everyone in the vicinity. Evan happened to be one of them. He’s now facing a future in which he’ll be forever alone.

Lady Josselyn of the House of Craven has been betrayed. With her home world on a Florencian moon under attack and her family dead, she finds herself at the mercy of the one who deceived them. There is only one thing left to do—die with honor. But before she can join her family in the afterlife, she must first avenge all that she held dear. Falling in love with a pirate was never in the plan. Evan and his thieving crewmates might have delayed her fate, but they can’t stop destiny.

From NY Times & USA TODAY Bestselling Author, Michelle M. Pillow, a space adventure romance!

These books encapsulate the essence of sci-fi romance and have gained popularity for their captivating stories and memorable characters. Each one offers a unique blend of science fiction and romance that will keep readers enthralled.

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