About Space Lords Series

Cursed by an angry spirit’s premonition, this band of space pirates face a lifetime of never finding love…

The old spirit might have let them go with a warning, but Rick made some inappropriate comments. Instead of just bringing her curse upon himself, he caused her wrath to turn to the other members of The Pirate Prince Jarek’s crew—at least those unfortunate enough to be present at the time. Evan, Lochlann, Jackson, and Dev still haven’t fully forgive Rick for what happened next:

“Together you travel and together you’ll remain. Tied and joined like the five elements of our people. The road to happiness is very rocky for all of you. You will find your love hidden within the mystery of the five elements. One element for each of you. The corresponding element will hold the secret to your future happiness. But fate is not clear. If you do not recognize it, you will lose it and be forever alone.”

Unfortunately, it ended there. She didn’t even tell them which elements they needed to look for.