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Are you a die-hard fan looking for some of Michelle M. Pillow’s hard-to-find backlist? Want to read some of her earlier works? You have come to the right place. These select backlist ebooks are only sold through via Payhip (and very rarely at vendors in limited edition collections…so we recommend picking them up here.)

All of these books have been previously published by various publishers. Any changes to those original books (for example: expansions, re-editing, title changes, etc) will be noted on the book’s page.

If you’re looking for the current releases that you can buy at all vendors, please go to the genre or series listing pages, or all books listing page.

Warning: Several of these are sexier books written for publishers back in the day and are different than Michelle’s current works. They are provided here to fulfill fan requests looking for older works.

Ebooks are delivered through Payhip. If you have questions about Payhip, you can go here.


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