We are excited to announce that some of Michelle’s audiobooks are now on Spotify! You can check them out at the links below.

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Michelle M. Pillow’s Spotify Audiobook Titles:

Lords of the Var series:

The Savage King

The Playful Prince

The Bound Prince

The Rogue Prince

The Pirate Prince

Dragon Lords series:

Barbarian Prince

Perfect Prince

Dark Prince

Warrior Prince

His Highness the Duke

The Stubborn Lord

The Reluctant Lord

The Impatient Lord

The Dragon’s Queen

Divinity Warriors series:

Lilith Enraptured

Fighting Lady Jayne

Keeping Paige

Taking Karre

Historical Romances:

Maiden and the Monster

Lord of Fire, Lady of Ice

Emerald Knight

Fantasy Romance:

Realm Immortal: King of the Unblessed

Sexier Romances:

Last Man on Earth

Good with this Hands

Let the Wild Out (w/a Madelyn Porter)

What to see even more awesome audiobooks on Spotify?

Check out my bestie, Mandy M. Roth’s audiobooks HERE!

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Prizes will be awarded via email. Winners have 72 hours to claim their codes on Spotify. No purchase is necessary, but you do need to have a Spotify account to claim any prize codes. Must be 18 yrs or older to enter. 

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