officechairAlmost every author I know says they need a new office chair. It makes sense that after spending hours day-in and day-out in front of a screen it’s not just our hands and eyes that start to feel the pain, but also our derriere.

First, what do you want to look for in a chair? Let’s refer over to Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) for their workplace tips.​ To paraphrase, basically they advise:

AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office Chair, Black

  • ​Backrest – follows the curve of your spine
  • Seat – comfortable and at a height you can rest you feet flat on the floor or a footrest
  • Armrests – Soft, and allow for shoulder relaxation
  • Base – 5 legs with wheels for easy movement

​Source: “Computer Workstation ETools.” US Department of Labor. Occupational Safety & Health Administration. Web. 25 Sept. 2015 

I have the AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office Chair (pictured to the right). I like it and it’s held up well when compared to other chairs I’ve had in the past. Plus, it has some decent online review ranks, but I’m not sure it’s the best option out there. To help me, I asked the RAMN group of authors what chairs they thought were the golden ticket of backside comfort.

​I use my office furniture more than any other piece of furniture in my house. If I can get a chair that lasts for 2 years, I call that a score. Sad but true. Working authors spend a huge majority on their butts. A chair that’s lost it’s cushion can be a source of tremendous back pain and discomfort.

This option is a little pricier but has received several thumbs up from the working authors. I spoke to. The WorkPro(R) Quantum 9000 Series Ergonomic Mesh Mid-Back Chair (pictured left).  Also the Embody Chair by Herman Miller. I’ll wait why you click the links and see you back here once you’ve recovered from the sticker shock. No rush. This blog isn’t going anywhere.

“I have the Hermann Miller Embody and it is awesome! Best chair I’ve ever had and I’ve got a serious spinal injury. It’s not cheap, but considering I was tearing up $150-200 chairs from Office Max etc. once a year or more and the Embody has a ten years warranty (or more), I will come out cheaper in the long run.”

Jana DeLeon 
NYT Bestselling Author

Welcome back.

Please note: SHOP AROUND. These chairs can often be found at other retailers and on sale much cheaper!

​Now it becomes a numbers game. I can’t answer this for you, but consider: How many chairs do you go through, and how often? How many hours are you at a desk? Do you suffer from aches and pains? If you’re like me and you run through a chair every few years or less, you might consider finding something built a little sturdier that will last, or you might consider cheaper and just keep replacing them if you think the more expensive one won’t last.

A cheaper alternative to throwing out a chair, is the seat cushion. SeatCushion by Tempur-Pedic (back to the right for the picture) got a high recommendation from authors (be sure to click around. At the time of this article, some sellers had this exact one on sale cheaper–hey I’m all about the frugal).

There is also the more affordably priced Memory Foam Seat Cushions​ and, if you’re in need of back support as well as backside support, you can find a version of the, “Extra Thick Memory Foam Dual Layer Seat Cushion + Memory Foam Lumbar Wedge Back Support Posture Aid

Another recommended extra was the foot rest.

And, if you’re tired of sitting, you can always opt for a standing desk or a treadmill desk…but those are topics for another post.

Thank you RAMN Authors for your feedback for this post!​

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