A gripping new first-person POV romantic urban fantasy series by NY Times and USA Today bestselling author, Michelle M. Pillow.

All I want is a simple, normal life.

Unfortunately, normalcy is a luxury I can’t afford as a lowly human born into a powerful supernatural family embroiled in magic. They’ve always been quick to remind me that I have an expiration date. Imagine everyone’s surprise when it’s me standing above their graves, not the other way around.

The fire that took their lives wasn’t my fault, yet everyone is blaming me, especially the vampires. Now I have a target on my back and a bounty on my head. Without the protection of my family, I’m caught up in a tangled web of supernatural dynasties and arcane power struggles.

So when a handsome stranger and his young daughter take pity on me and offer me a ride, I don’t say no. It’s a mistake. One I hope doesn’t cost us all our lives.

Sometimes, being merely mortal really sucks.


Prepare for an exhilarating journey of magic, power struggles, and forbidden love like never before! Inspired by the author’s short novella, Merely Mortal. (Inspired by, but completely different!) This book ends on a cliffhanger, but don’t fret, look for book two: Mostly Shattered. Perfect for fans of Carrie Vaughn, Faith Hunter, Jennifer Estep, Lindsay Buroker, Ilona Andrews, and K.F. Breene.

Hello, fabulous readers!

I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that Merely Mortal,” the first book in my brand new urban fantasy romance series, is officially out today! 📚✨

Step into the World of “Merely Mortal”:

In this exciting new series, you’ll meet Tamara, an ordinary woman who finds herself entangled in a world filled with vampires, necromancers, and dark family secrets. Navigating her mortality in a supernatural realm, Tamara’s journey is one of love, self-discovery, and thrilling adventure. This series marks my first venture into first-person POV, allowing you to experience the story directly through Tamara’s eyes.

What Can You Expect?

  • A Strong Female Protagonist: Follow Tamara as she battles internal and external conflicts with courage and heart.
  • Rich Urban Fantasy Setting: Explore a world where magic and the mundane coexist, brimming with mythical creatures and hidden secrets.
  • Compelling Romance: Experience the emotional depth and romantic tension as Tamara navigates complex relationships.
  • Engaging Themes: Delve into themes of identity, belonging, and the struggle between good and evil.

Get Your Copy Now!

Merely Mortal” is available, and I can’t wait for you to dive into this magical, mysterious adventure. Click the link below to grab your copy today and start reading!

📖 Buy “Merely Mortal” Here:

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Thank you for all your support and enthusiasm throughout this journey. Your excitement fuels my creativity and inspires me to keep writing stories that transport you to other worlds. I hope you enjoy reading “Merely Mortal” as much as I loved writing it!

Stay tuned for more updates, and don’t forget to leave a reviews everywhere—your feedback means the world to me!

Happy reading!

Warmest regards,

Michelle M. Pillow

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