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Hugh Howey is an acclaimed author known for his groundbreaking science fiction series, “Wool,” which captivated readers worldwide with its dystopian setting and compelling characters. Howey’s work gained even more attention when his “Wool” series was adapted into a television show by Apple TV+, creating a buzz among fans of the books and the genre alike. In this article, we will explore the significance of Howey’s Kindle Worlds projects, the adaptation of “Wool” into an Apple TV+ series, and delve into some of the top books from Howey’s Kindle Worlds.

What is Kindle Worlds?

Before diving into the Apple TV+ adaptation, it is essential to understand the platform that played a role in Hugh Howey’s success: Kindle Worlds. Kindle Worlds was an innovative publishing platform introduced by Amazon that allowed authors to write and publish stories set in the fictional worlds created by established authors. It gave fans the opportunity to explore beloved universes and authors the chance to expand their literary landscapes through collaboration. The program fostered a vibrant community of writers and readers, promoting creativity and engagement.

Though the Kindle Worlds platform is now defunct, at the time, writers were invited it write in Kindle “Worlds” like Hugh Howey’s Wool, Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, Kurt Vonnegut’s books, Wayward Pines and others.

Michelle M. Pillow on Kindle Worlds – Silo Trilogy

When Kindle Worlds was getting its start, Michelle M. Pillow was asked to participate as an already well-established paranormal romance author. The idea was to show the possibility of authors known for other genres and how they could play within the confines of an established world. The results were a paranormal romance genre-influenced sci-fi trilogy: A Silo 1000 Romance Three Part Serial: Chosen, Stranded, Destined.

The Success of “Wool” and the Apple TV+ Adaptation

Hugh Howey’s series “Wool” took the fiction world by storm, gaining a dedicated following and critical acclaim. The unique setting of an underground silo encapsulated readers, and the complex characters and intricate plotlines kept them hooked throughout the series. The mesmerizing journey of humanity’s struggle in a post-apocalyptic world resonated with millions, leading to the anticipation of an adaptation for the screen.

Apple TV+, renowned for its exceptional storytelling and production quality, recognized the potential of “Wool” and decided to adapt it into a television series. The announcement created a wave of excitement among fans who eagerly awaited the opportunity to see their favorite characters and the intricate silo world come to life on the small screen. The collaboration between Hugh Howey and Apple TV+ was seen as a significant milestone in the world of science fiction adaptations.

When I was invited to write for Kindle Worlds in 2014, I thought I’d give it a try. This was my first (only) attempt at author-sanctioned fan fiction. I have a full publishing schedule, and I’m not lacking ideas when it comes to books, which naturally leads a lot of people to ask: why fan fiction? Simple. I like to try new things and challenge myself. Like writing a straight historical, fan fiction requires you to learn the rules of a set society, a world whose basic premise you have no control over, and then find a way to write within those confines while making it your own. I couldn’t give the Vikings handguns instead of swords in Lord of Fire, Lady of Ice so conquering their enemies would be easier; just as I couldn’t take the people out of the self-contained silos for this serial.

Why I Agreed to Write in the Series World

Michelle M. Pillow, NYT & USAT Bestselling Author

Top Books from Hugh Howey’s Kindle Worlds Projects

Kindle Worlds provided a unique opportunity for fans and fellow authors to contribute to the worlds created by Hugh Howey. Several talented writers participated in Kindle Worlds projects set in the “Wool” universe, expanding the scope and depth of the series. Here are some notable books from Howey’s Kindle Worlds projects:

Chosen, Stranded, Destined

(A Silo 1000 Romance Omnibus): Silo Saga Universe*

by Michelle M. Pillow

Human survival is top priority as they wait for the day they can once again walk the earth.

Trapped in an underground silo because the air outside is too toxic to breathe, the people of Silo 1000 are very aware they’re only one of many such self-contained units. Human survival is the top priority as they wait for the day they can once again walk the earth.

In such a reality, Maryann Holston never bothered trying to fall in love. She knows she’ll have to take whatever fate the silo thinks is best for the betterment of all. But as she runs into her childhood friend, Paul Allison, she realizes that maybe love is exactly what her life needs. No longer the lanky boy from her youth, Paul is everything a woman could want, and she intends to be his wife…until the unthinkable happens.

There are those who will stop at nothing to make sure Maryann is out of the picture–permanently–and Paul’s ready to prove he’s willing to do anything to save the woman he loves.

*This title is part of the Wool Universe by Hugh Howey, first published by Kindle Worlds. It is re-published to Kindle with permission from the Wool (Silo Saga) author.

The Sky Used to be Blue

by Patrice Fitzgerald

Karma lives in a Silo deep beneath the earth. She isn’t sure of much else… only that the wallscreen shows an outside view that is barren and swirling with toxic clouds. Most of the other residents seem content. Except for the ones who jump to their deaths from the hundred-level spiral staircase. And the ones who are pushed. After the doctor prescribes a special medicine and tells her to avoid tap water, Karma begins to remember a very different world. Despite the fog in her mind, she is convinced that something came before. Such memories are dangerous to talk about, or even to think about. She must figure out who can be trusted. The doctor… her husband… or no one at all.

“One of the sharpest minds and clearest voices writing today. I love this story!” 

Hugh Howey, author of WOOL 

Wool Gathering

by WJ Davies, Ann Christy, Will Swardstrom, David Adams, Carol Davis, Logan Thomas Snyder, Thomas Robins, Fredric Shernoff, Lyndon Perry

Long after the dust has settled and the survivors of the Silo Saga have gone to seed, Hugh Howey’s bestselling WOOL trilogy continues to captivate readers worldwide. The power of Hugh’s story is underscored all the more by the number of authors who have embraced the invitation to tell their own stories in his ever-expanding world. The first of its kind, this gathering brings together nine of the Silo Saga’s most acclaimed authors to further expand upon the groundbreaking world first laid forth in WOOL, SHIFT, and DUST. From the power struggles of the Up Top to the darkest depths of the mines and everything in between, this anthology promises something for everyone bold enough to venture another journey deep below the surface of the best and worst humanity has to offer.

(Proceeds from the sale of this anthology benefit National Novel Writing Month / NaNoWriMo)

Silo Submerged: (The Runner, The Diver, The Watcher)

by WJ Davies

In the depths of the silo, water is pouring in at an unstoppable rate. Ace, along with a team of Divers, are doing the best they can to avert this disaster, but it may not be enough.

When Ace proposes another, more drastic way of saving the silo’s population, he is banished for his sin of toxic words. What happens next is unprecedented and will shake the foundations of a society expressly designed to be infallible.

Silo Submerged is a 75,000 word novel that takes the reader on a new journey through the vivid world Hugh Howey created with his Silo Saga (WOOL, SHIFT, and DUST). This series was published with the full support of Mr. Howey.

Greatfall: A Silo Novel

by Jason Gurley

Greatfall: A Silo Novel is a dark new tale in the world of Wool, Hugh Howey’s beloved post-apocalyptic novel. What happens when a silo goes dark? Maya has been sent to Silo 23 to investigate. Disconnected from the grid, Silo 23 appears to be dead, rotted from within. But what Maya finds when she opens the hatch is a silo that is anything but deceased.

Unplugged from the outside world and its sister silos, Silo 23 has mutated into something unexpected and far more horrifying than Maya could have anticipated.

These books, among many others, allowed readers to immerse themselves in Hugh Howey’s world and experience fresh perspectives on the captivating silo universe.

Hugh Howey’s success with the “Wool” series, alongside the ground-breaking platform of Kindle Worlds, opened new doors for collaboration and expansion within the literary world. Kindle Worlds projects further enriched the silo universe and provided a platform for talented writers to contribute to Howey’s world. Hugh Howey’s visionary storytelling and the collaboration between Kindle Worlds continue to inspire authors, readers, and viewers, creating a lasting impact on the science fiction genre. The adaptation of “Wool” into an Apple TV+ series signifies the growing recognition and impact of science fiction in mainstream media.

In this article: Wool by Hugh Howey, Silo adaptation on Apple TV+, Kindle Worlds, Silo Saga: Silo 1000 Trilogy. Views of the article writer do not necessarily reflect the views of the author Michelle M. Pillow, who may or may not have read the books mentioned.

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