I hate when it becomes necessary to post things like this, but I hate it even more when people try to drag my name into their lies to deceive other authors. I know how difficult this business can be, and how hard it is to start out as an author. Selling books is not easy. Vetting services over the internet is not easy. I also know how hard it is to start a graphic or author service business, but please don’t lie to do it. Let your work speak for itself.


Someone is telling people they did A+ Content for me, and using my name to try to sell services. (this is not the first time)


I did all my own A+ Content myself. All of it.

If someone ever name-drops me to sell you something, just email and ask me about it. I’ll be happy to tell you. I love recommending people and services I’ve worked with.

In fact, Amazon KDP University had me do a talk about doing A+ content, click here to see the details and watch the full interview. There are also tips on that page for authors getting started.

KDP also used me as an example in their FAQs:

You can see my example on the video screen.

and here:

Always feel free to email me and ask. I don’t bite nice people.

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