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As an author, I like to stop every once and awhile to make sure my readers know how much I appreciate their support. Word of mouth has always been the best way to help a new book or favorite series. Without sales to justify continuing a series or genre, authors often have to abandoned a project for something else. This is why you often see series end before you want them to.

I have to say, it tickles me to no end when readers help spread the word, write reviews, and help books get visibility.

So THANK YOU readers for helping spread the word about my books, and for asking me how to do so. I’ve included a list in this post if you’re looking for ideas–not just for me, but for all authors.

Happy Reading!
Michelle M. Pillow

As a reader what can I do to help promote the books?

First, you can wrap your arms around yourself and hug yourself from me. I mean it. The fact so many of you email to ask me how you can help spread the word about me or my books is awesome!

Word of Mouth: The best way to help is to spread the word about my books.

  • One of the most important way to help an author is by taking the time to write a quick online review of the books—Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple Books, Book Bub, Googleplay, Kobo, Audible, Goodreads… they all offer spots for readers to write reviews.
  • Talk about the books online.
  • Post about the books.
  • Blog about the books.
  • Share posts from the Author Page or Tweets.
  • Tweet about the books.
  • Share the links to the books.
  • Tell your book club about them.
  • Join Michelle’s Fan Club and share ideas with other readers.
  • Become a Review Team Member (if spots are open)
  • Agree or disagree with reviews already posted on various vendors
  • Request them at local bookstores. My print books can be found through IngramSpark for booksellers (they should know what that is).
  • Request them at libraries. The librarian should be able to look up both ebook and print in their ordering system.
  • If you see someone is reading an author who is similar to me, suggest they try me (politely, of course… but we know this goes without saying).
  • Anything online is the single MOST important thing you can do to help me. Why? Simple, because the majority of my sales have ALWAYS come from ebooks. And with the market shift moving towards ebooks more and more each day this is becoming so for many authors. Not just me.
  • If you would like some promo goodies (bookmarks, etc) to pass around to your friends, local bookstores, reading groups and libraries please email me with subject header PROMO GOODIES. Include your name, snail mail addy, how many and for what reason in the email.I can’t promise when they’ll be mailed out or how many will be sent. It depends on what I have on hand and how often my personal assistant is able to get to mailings.
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