Thank you readers, from author Michelle M. Pillow

I normally joke around to entertain and don’t get all gushy. So, consider yourself warned: Get ready for some gushy author emotion…. 

Dear Readers,

I hope this message finds you filled with love, joy, and great anticipation for the enchanting stories yet to be told. Today, I write to express my deepest gratitude for your unwavering support and heartfelt enthusiasm throughout this incredible journey we have shared as reader and writer.

As a romance author, there is nothing more empowering and inspiring than knowing that my words have touched your hearts, kindled your imaginations, and provided a brief respite from the trials of everyday life. Your loyalty and dedication are deeply appreciated.

Your continuous encouragement has been amazing through countless hours of creating unforgettable characters, weaving intricate storylines brimming with passion and suspense. Your uplifting messages, heartfelt reviews, and unwavering support are the fuel that keeps me motivated to bring you more tales of intense love, breathtaking moments, and ultimately, happily ever afters.

Each time you lose yourself in one of my stories or recommend them to friends and family, it fills me with an immense sense of pride and fulfillment. The emails I receive detailing how my books have shaped your lives or whisked you away from reality serve as constant reminders of why I pour so much of myself into each written word. It is for readers like you that I devote endless nights crafting tales that transport you straight into another world.

While our relationship may be rooted in stories inked on pages or illuminated by e-readers’ glow, it has grown far beyond mere words on paper. Through these books, we’ve connected, traversing emotional landscapes together.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for embracing both the moments shared between characters as well as the journey we embark upon together. I promise to continue striving to create stories that leave you breathless, stories that ignite your passion, and stories where love prevails against all odds.

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As we venture forward into several more years together, please know that each reader is cherished, respected, and cherished again. All of my platforms are meant to be safe, welcoming places to ALL (adult, I write adult) readers.

By supporting me as an author, you’ve not only aided my dreams but helped shape the lives of countless characters who now reside in our hearts forever.

Remember to stay connected by following me on social media or subscribing to my newsletter for future updates and exciting announcements! I cannot wait to share more captivating tales with you in the years to come.

With heartfelt appreciation,

Michelle M. Pillow

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