How many of you remember the first edition copies?

The many faces of Dragon Lords series starting with the 2004 print editions up to the anniversary print editions currently available. *Someone* was organizing her author copies last night and ran across all of these.


These released in ebook back when they were still mailing floppy discs out to readers who wanted a “hard” copy LOL. And the only file formats were pdf, html, and lit (remember lit? that’s ok a lot of people don’t) I can proudly say I’ve been supporting ebooks as an author from the very beginning.

The 2004 print editions of Dragon Lords:

2004dragonlordsLearn more:

Thank you, readers, for the many years of love and support, and READING!!! <3 I can assure you, the Dragon Lords love you as much as you love them 😉

Here’s to the next 15 years!

<3 Mihelle

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