I want a job…


Michelle M. Pillow, Author (refugee) with zombies in the holding area of Z Nation – Season 3 aired Fall 2016 on Syfy. Thank you for not eating me, zombies. 😉

…where some place pays me to go around and eat chicken fried steaks all over the US in search of the best one. Maybe if I #FoodNetwork enough, they’ll get annoyed and give it to me to keep me quiet.
…where I’m paid to do randomly fun things that do not include snakes or spiders.
…where I can introduce myself with the title “Professional Extra” and my IMDB listing says things like Girl #12, Woman drinking coffee, Lady sleeping on subway, Annoying screaming person, Ninja warrior… No lines to memorize, but access to the catering. I was a refugee onvZ Nation so I figure my resume speaks for itself if anyone is hiring. Anyone?
…where I’m paid to make things up for living…oh, wait, I do that one!
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