From Facebook: Renee George tagged me to reveal 7 Facts About Me as a Writer.

1) I can’t imagine not being an author, but if I wasn’t a writer, I’d be a professional photographer. (but not weddings lol)

2) I can write anywhere, and have–in airports, airplanes, parking lots, cars, driving (the husband, not me lol), all over my house, hotels, conference breaks, coffee shops, diners… Deadlines wait for no one.

3) When creating a book, I like to build the world and characters first. Then I throw things at them and let them react the way that character would react. Half the fun of writing is figuring out the story as I go along. Sometimes, it’s what I plan. More often than not, it takes crazy turns and the characters don’t do what I tell them. (I’m looking at you Prince Reid). For this reason, I hate writing outlines. I never follow them.

4) Coffee and yoga pants are a deadline’s friends.

5) My muse is mean, and demanding, and I hope she’s not reading this.

6) I’ve had books translated into Spanish, German, and Japanese.

7) I have the best fans. I’m not being biased, I’m just right. They’re awesome. 


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