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Futuristic & Sci Fi

Dragon Lords Universe of Books
Most of the futuristic novels are in some way connected to the others, some more than others. Within these worlds, you will find reoccuring characters, planets, and alien races.

Dragon Lords
Futuristic Series 1
The Barbarian Prince
The Perfect Prince
The Dark Prince
The Warrior Prince
NOTE: You can finish the Dragon Lords
or go to the Var Series Books 1-5

His Highness the Duke
The Stubborn Lord
NOTE: Kendall's Sister? Space Lords Series
The Reluctant Lord
The Impatient Lord
The Dragon's Queen

Lords of the Var
Futuristic Series 2
The Savage King
The Playful Prince
The Bound Prince
The Rogue Prince
The Pirate Prince
NOTE: Go to Mei's Family - Zhang Dyanasty Series
NOTE: Go to Jarek's Crew - Space Lords Series

Zhang Dynasty
Futuristic Series # 3
Seduction of the Phoenix
Temptation of the Butterfly

Space Lords
Futuristic Series # 4
His Frost Maiden
His Fire Maiden (Coming 2015)
Book 3 TBD
Book 4 TBD
Book 5 TBD

Captured by a Dragon-Shifter
Spin off the Futuristics Series - Shapeshifter Series
NOTE: This is a Dragon Lords/Var series set in Present Times

Determined Prince
Rebellious Prince
Mischievous Prince
Headstrong Prince

Galaxy Playmates
Spin off the Futuristics Series


Futuristic Romance
(Not part of the Dragon Lords Universe of series)

Red Light Specialists (co-authored with Mandy M. Roth)
Arrested Desires 
Last Man on Earth
Talons: Seize the Hunter



M&M Presents
Co Author Mandy M Roth
All Hallows' Eve
Christmas (Contemporary Title)

Part of the Ghost Cats Anthologies
Animal Instinct
Carnal Instinct

Lords of the Abyss
Mighty Hunter
Commanding the Tides
Captive of the Deep

Pleasure Cruise
(co-author Mandy Roth)
Pleasure Cruise
Date with Destiny
Pleasure Island

Call of the Lycan
Call of the Sea
Call of the Untamed
Call of Temptation

Non-Series Paranormal Romance Titles
A Midnight Seduction
Phantom of the Night
Romancing the Recluse --
--(part of the Stop Dragon My Heart Around collection)

Dark Fantasy

Tribes of the Vampire
Redeemer of Shadows
The Jaded Hunter
Eternally Bound




Alternate Reality

Divinity Warriors
Part of the Divinity Universe - Series One
Lilith Enraptured
Fighting Lady Jayne
Keeping Paige
Taking Karre

Divinity Healers
Part of the Divinity Universe - Series Two
Ariella's Keeper
Seducing Cecilia
Linnea’s Arrangement

Divinity Magic
Part of the Divinity Universe - Series Three
Divining Helena


Alternative Reality Romance
(Not part of the Divinity Universe of Books)

Last Man on Earth
Phantom of the Night 



Not part of a series

Medieval Romances
Emerald Knight 
Lord of Fire Lady of Ice
Maiden and the Monster (RT Award Winner)


Regency/Victorian Romance
Pride and Prejudice: The Wild and Wanton Edition
Work for Hire w/a Annabella Bloom with Jane Austen


Realm Immortal
King of the Unblessed
Faery Queen
Stone Queen

Historical Paranormal

Naughty Cupid
Ebook Trilogy in Single Print Collection
Cupid’s Enchantment
Cupid’s Revenge
Cupid’s Favor


Historical Paranormal Titles
(Not part of a series)

The Mists of Midnight (Victorian Ghost Romance)
Portrait of His Obsession (Victorian Light Paranormal Elements)


Matthews Sisters
Bit by the Bug
Along for the Ride
Recipe for Disaster (aka Her New Boss)
Degrees of Passion


Contemporary Romances
(Not part of a series)

Fierce Competition
Opposites Attract
Christmas Curse
Mountain's Captive
Sex in the Office (Black Lace/Virgin Book Multi-Author Collection)
Rings of Gold (12 Days of Christmas Multi-Author Very Short Story Collection)


The Write Ingredients
(Contributor to the Lori Foster Cookbook)


Paranormal Underground Magazine
Photographer and Journalist
Multiple Articles for Paranormal Underground Magazine


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Written as Madelyn Porter

Madelyn Porter is an erotic romance pen name.


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