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Pillow Fighters is an endless pajama/slumber party, with a twist. DON'T WORRY we're not dressed like the logo. I'm in plaid pj pants, T-shirt and fuzzy pink socks. But that's my everyday work attire. This is a place for Michelle M. Pillow, Author of all Things Romance's readers. A place where super readers of Michelle’s work can share and mingle with her, regardless of which hemisphere you’re in :)


Where the party's at: Facebook (Author Page), Twitter, Goodreads, Google+, You Tube Channel, Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook #2 (SUBSCRIBE ONLY Personal Page - Follow Me - More Chatty)

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What is a Pillow Fighter?

A Super Fan (or Super Reader, if you prefer) of Michelle M. Pillow, Romance Author. Pillow Fighters don't just read my books--they LOVE them!


Why the name Pillow Fighters?

It's simple. The readers voted on social media and this is what you all decided you wanted to be...and I love it! Pillow Fighters is a fun, playful way to be a kick-ass book slinging author helping ninja goddess. You are helping me fight to keep my job in a time when competition is fierce and...ok, that's all true, but mostly it sounded awesome.

And, don't a lot of us read curled up next to a pillow? Pillow fighters promoting reading Pillow books while cuddling pretty pillows. That tongue-twister sounded harder in my head, lol.

Besides, let's face it. I love pink. I would live in my pajamas if society would just bend a few dress code rules. I love comfortable snuggly blankets, wine or coffee/tea, candles and a story I can't let go of. I love chatting with my readers about Dragon Lords and beastly historical Monster heroes who find thier Maidenly match. I love curling up with a good book and staying up until 4am just to finish 'one more chapter'. And I know a lot of my readers love those things, too.

Everyone over 18 years of age who reads my books are welcome.



What do you want this to be?

Pillow Fighters is about the readers as much as it is about me. Have an idea for the club? Email me. It doesn't have to be a promotional idea. It can be anything. Email me or start a discussion on one of the social media links (I recommend FB or Twitter--a lot of other readers hang out there!)

Facebook (Author Page), Twitter, Facebook #2 (SUBSCRIBE ONLY Personal Page - Follow Me - More Chatty)



What does (can) a Pillow Fighter do?

Pillow Fighters don't just read my books--they LOVE them!

I don't really like to use the word "Fan" unless the reader calls themself that first. But for lack of a better word, Pillow Fighters are Super Fans! That's not to say they are *all* painted like a sporting event shoving my books in people's faces, wearing the PF Team T-shirt (Hm, note to self, I should make PF T-shirts). But you will see them proudly waving thier pillow flags on social media sites, talking about my books, leaving reviews, spreading the links around, setting up fan pages or simply hanging out on the ones I provide, offering to pass out promo items to bookclubs and various conference events, and baking me brownies.

What?! You know I had to try to eke in the brownie thing. Someday, I'll get flooded with them and that day will be glorious!

Anyway, Pillow Fighters often do what they can with what they have to help me out. There are a list of ideas provided by readers like you below on what you can do to help spread the word about my books, but not everything has to be grand and over the top. Even leaving a small review on sites like Amazon for a book you love is a tremendous help.

Most of you who follow me know that I joke around a lot, but I want to be serious for a moment. Readers like my PFs are invaluable to me as an author. It's with the help of dedicated readers that I'm able to do what I do. Not only do you buy the books when they come out, you tell people about them, you help spread the links to my website so I get better google rankings. These are not things I can do on my own. I need you. All of you. You support me when I struggle with the muse. You email me happy thoughts and make me smile.

If you're still reading this, *YOU* are most likely a Pillow Fighter. Welcome. Leave your brownies on my desk and lets get started!



Is this going to cost me?

No. Being awesome is free.



Pillow Fighter Rules

1. The first rule of Pillow Fight Club is that you TALK about Pillow Fight Club! (What do you expect. I grew up in the 90s LOL)

2. No low blows. Keep it friendly and positive!

3. Have fun and know that I deeply appriciate you.

4. 18 years or older only. I hope to have YA books soon under another pen name.


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Want do do more? You don't have to. We'll still let you party with us!


I'm a Super "Fan". I want to help AND join the Pillow Fight Party!

Anything you can think of to spread the word about me or my books, please do. And please talk about them with others. Everyone has different talents and experiences and comfort levels. Stick within yours.


The Quick List

Be where I am: Facebook (Author Page), Twitter, Goodreads, Google+, You Tube Channel, Pinterest, Tumblr,
Facebook #2 (SUBSCRIBE ONLY Personal Page - if I accept more friends FB will take the page away from me)

Leave Reviews / Share links / Like: Amazon, NOOK US, NOOK UK, ARe, Goodreads,, Smashwords

Get the Newsletter, Share the Newsletter: Click here

Get the Grapic and Display it Proudly: (or my bookcovers) Right click, Save the Pillow Fighter Graphic to your computer. Use on your blog, social media sites, websites, wherever it can be seen! Link to:

Tell NOOK UK you want ALL my books, including the Dragon Lords & Lords of the Var series:

Michelle M. Pillow at NOOK UK
NOOK UK Customer Service


The Detailed List

Review the Book: This is one of the SINGLE BIGGEST things you can do. It helps book and author rankings and helps new readers find my books. Please, please, please write a review when you read one of my books. It doesn’t have to be fancy, or long, or sound like it was written by an English Professor. Just be you. Writing a quick review online really does help boost awareness of the titles. (Amazon, Barnes and Noble NOOK US, ARe, Goodreads, etc, all offer spots for readers to write reviews). Just be honest. (Tastes vary and I will never ask you to lie and say you liked something you didn’t.)


Give a few clicks: Agree/disagree with reviews already posted on various vendors. Hit the Like/Tweet/+/Share buttons on my titles at the vendors. (Example: The book pages on have spots where you can agree/disagree with reviews, and the author page has a place you can FB like, tweet and share.


List Me: You know those lists you see in Twitter? On Amazon? The ones put together by readers? Make a list of your favorite (futuristic, whatever fits) titles and put mine in with simular books or authors to help people find me!

Like and Share my book pages on *this website*: List of Books By Title - Turn it into a game and try to do them all over a period of time. LOL Hey, I tried to make it sound fun. On each book page the buttons are to the bottom right of the bookcover.

Be my eyes and ears: Email me! There are a lot of promotional places for authors, author lists, book lists, etc. There is no way I'd find them all on my own. This is where you come in. If you find a place you think I should be, let me know.

If you see book pirating of my titles, privately email me a link.


Don't see my titles (or all of them) at your favorite online bookstores? Email them and tell them you want them. They to listen to reader demand and you're not obligated to buy the books from that store if you ask them to carry them.

For example, have a NOOK and can't find the Dragon Lords on your Nook Shop App or at the NOOK UK store? Email or Call Barnes and Noble and tell you want instant access to the titles and think other readers would enjoy them as well.

This is one department where reader demands can do more than author pleading.


Ask your local bookstores/libraries to carry my books (libraries now lend ebooks, too). BE FRIENDLY! If they say no, smile and thank them for thier time. I'll warn you, print books in bookstores can be a tough one. With internet bookstores and the economy, don't be surprised if a brick-and-mortor store doesn't have the resources to carry my books in inventory. Politely offer to leave them some promo items or get them in contact with the author.

Remember to get permission from any bookstores, libraries or the like prior to leaving promo goodies. Without it, they could very well get upset and refuse to carry the books.


Talk about my books online: Post, blog, tweet, share links, like, +, pin, share your favorite covers. If someone is reading an author like me, respectfully suggest they try one of my titles that you enjoyed. Talking about the books online is so important. The majority of my sales are ebooks and the majority of readers find me online.


Have a reader group you'd like me to visit (virtually or online)? Email me!


Promotional Items *as available*: If you would like some promo goodies (bookmarks, pens, etc) to pass around to coventions, events, reading groups, etc, Email me!

1. subject header PROMO GOODIES

2. How many you could use (such as for a particular event)

3. Timeframe if there is one

4. Name and snail mail addy

I can't promise when they'll be mailed out or how many will be sent. It depends on what I have on hand and how often my personal assistant is able to get to mailings.


Ideas for places to pass out promotional goodies:
Indie Bookstores
Reader get together
Book Clubs
Your Blog
Your facebook page
Your website (if you have one)
The street corner (what? It could happen)

Remember to get permission from any bookstores, libraries or the like prior to leaving promo goodies. Without it, they could very well get upset and refuse to carry the books. Please be kind and grateful to all even if they're not interested and don't want the promo left with them/store/library.


Have an idea I should add to this list? Email me!



Thank you, my Awesome Pillow Fighters!

I can’t tell you how much it means to an author when readers offer to help spread the word, just because. Without readers, I wouldn’t have a job. And I LOVE MY JOB! Without readers like you, willing to help an author out, I wouldn’t have nearly as much time to keep writing the stories you want more of. For those of you who take the time, I will never be able to express my gratitude. I know you all have busy lives and schedules and the fact you take a bit out of yours to help me means so much.


Legal wants me to say the following:
Pillow Fighters are readers and volunteers, not paid Michelle M. Pillow employees. Thier opinions and views and claims may not reflect the views and opinions of the author.



And no Pajama Party is complete without a bestie. Check out mine!

Mandy M. Roth


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