I loved working on this series with Mandy M. Roth, Kristen Painter, and Jana DeLeon.

If you haven’t preordered it, Mandy’s book comes out next Tuesday and is freaking awesome. It has romance, comedy, mystery, paranormal, and the funniest curse. Everyone needs to go get it so I can finally talk about it in spoilers, lol.

You’ll also see some connections to my book coming the week after (Fooled Around and Spelled in Love). Hint: Petey and Polly.

Check out Once Hunted, Twice Shy by NYT Bestseller Mandy M. Roth!


✔️ Romance
✔️ Paranormal


5 Stars: “This is a clean supernatural romance, so not one bit of bad language, but that doesn’t mean it’s lost Ms Roth’s amazing story telling. Her humour can be seen throughout the book right from page one to the very end, and she has the ability to have you sat on the very edge of your seat, unable to put the book down and needing to know what happens next, and I never stopped laughing. Like I said earlier I really hope there will be more to this series. If I could give more than the allowed five stars I certainly would. It’s definitely a must read!”

5 Stars: “Mandy did an amazing job creating well thought out characters that you cannot help but fall in love with. This story has it all suspense, romance and mystery.”

5 Stars: “I don’t remember laughing so very much while reading a book.”