Determined Prince

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Release Date: Dec 9, 2014
Part of the "Taming the Alpha Box Set"
By: Michelle M. Pillow
Series: Captured by a Dragon-Shifter
Number in Series: 1
Main Paranormal Element: Dragonshifter
Time Period: Contemporary
Genre: Shapeshifter Romance
Connected Series: Dragon Lord, Lords of the Var, Space Lords, Zhang Dynasty, Galaxy Playmates
Publisher: The Raven Books
Formats: Ebook



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A Dragon Lords Romance

Starting December 2014 - Book one Determined Prince will be in the Taming the Alpha Box Set (It will be released later as a stand alone, but the box set will be pretty awesome so you should get it!

Dragonshifter Prince Kyran has studied the Earth people and is ready to assimilate. Female shifters are all but going extinct on his planet of Qurilixen, and his people are desperate for mates—so much so they’re taking matters into their own hands. What better place to capture a woman than Earth? After all, dragonshifters had come from there centuries ago. Surely a human female would be honored to be selected by one as fine and fierce as himself?

While on Earth, Kyran stumbles upon the most beautiful woman he’s ever imagined, singing something the natives call rock ’n’ roll. His blood simmers and he knows Eve is the one for him. But taming this feisty female is going to take much more than his training prepared him for.

About the Series

Captured by a Dragon-Shifter is a modern day prequel series installment to those first books. They take place long before the princes you know and love ever found their mates, long before The Dragon’s Queen, in a time when the dragonshifters and catshifters actually—wait for it—liked each other and hung out as friends. They also don’t have Galaxy Brides to bring them women. What they do have is the old portal that they used to escape Earth. There’s no one left to marry on the planet and things are starting to get desperate.

Rating: Contains graphic sexual content, adult language, and violence.