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WARNING: MOST OF THESE LAST UPDATED 2009 (yeah, I know) - Answers may have changed with the times.

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I'm a bookseller wanting promo items/autographs/book signings.

Email: with the information

I'd like to interview you. Email: michelle_pillow AT with the information

Can you help me get published/tell me how to? No, Sorry (see below)

What is an E-book? - Article explaining e-books

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What is a soft release?




Due to legal reasons...


All unpublished material sent to me will be promptly destroyed or deleted, unread. Sorry, no exceptions.

After a flood of email requests, I needed to post this: I CANNOT help you get your book published, nor can I tell you how to write a book (the process is different for everyone), nor can I do test readings of your material. I DO NOT/WILL NOT/CAN NOT READ UNPUBLISHED WORK.DO NOT/WILL NOT/CAN NOT READ UNPUBLISHED WORK. All unpublished manuscripts/books/writing samples sent to me will promptly be destroyed or deleted, unread.I am honored that you value my opinion and wish to seek it out, but please don't ask. Refer to the individual publisher guidelines for submission information. Everything you need to know is there. If you have another question, feel free to email. I don't bite.

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Reader Mail

I have to preface this by saying I LOVE MY READERS! I love talking to them. I love hearing from them.

I have a hard time *not* answering reader mail. I've always been of mind set that they took the time to email, I should try to answer.

But lately, I've been coming to a different mind set. I don't mind reader emails expressing concerns, but when they get antagonistic or rude or start name calling or are just to yell at me for my business decisions, I'm not going to answer them. I've learned that some people don't want a solution or alternative to their position. Luckily, this is only like 1% of reader mail.

Most readers are quite lovely. I will save my limited email time for readers with questions or comments.

I really do take readers into consideration when I make business related decisions, but not everyone is going to be 100% happy all the time (for example distribution). All I can do is try to work a deal that will make the most people happy in the most locations around the world with the best opportunities for promotions and sales.

On a personal note, I'm a single mom. This is my only job. Most people can either relate or understand all that implies. That's not for pity, it's a fact. I'm lucky to have a great support system. I'm blessed in so many ways. I love my kid, my job and my life. I have very little by way of regrets. So you can surely understand that I have to make decisions that are best for my job and my life. I can't apologize for that, but I will say I'm sorry if you're one of the 1% who is upset.

To the rest of the 99% - Keep those emails coming! You all freaking rock and I hope you know how much I appreciate you all!!


How do I...?

(get published, submit, what are the guidelines for, have you test read...)

 I don't mind helping other authors, but I CANNOT help you get your book published, nor can I do test readings of your material. (see above question)

Please refer to the individual publisher guidelines for submission information. Everything you need to know is there.

The only advice I really have that is worth anything is to do your homework. Publishers put their submission guideline out on their websites for a reason. Follow them!

There is tons of info on the web as to how to write queries, etc. You just have to spend the time and read up. There is no magic formula. I wish there was, lol. You just have to put in the hours and do the work.

And, yes, it is very hard to get published. It's a very competitive business.

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It depends on the publisher and the book, but typically they are (or can be ordered by) all major bookstores and indie bookstores. Or, you can look online at:



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I'm only human, as are my team of editors, proofers, final line editors, test readers, etc. We make mistakes. I'm also a self-perfectionist so I want to hear about those mistakes*.

Ok, maybe not last Friday night mistakes, just the book or website ones.


If you find a mistake in one of my books, please email me the following information:



Book Title

Book Edition or Publisher*

Format Type (example: pdf, print, kindle)

Page Number

Clear showing of the mistake, including sentence, or if it's a factual mistake



*Please only mistakes in the newest editions, the older ones have all been revisited by proofers and are no longer for sale.





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As a reader what can I do to help promote you?

You can wrap your arms around yourself and hug yourself from me. I mean it. The fact so many of you email to ask me how you can help spread the word about me/my books is awesome! The best way to help is by asking your local bookstores/libraries carry my books. Another awesome way to help is by taking the time to write a quick online review of my books—Amazon, Barnes and Noble, ARE, they all offer spots for readers to write reviews. I have to say, it tickles me to no end when readers go the extra mile and write a review (good or bad). I understand fully that taking time out of one's busy day to comment about my title is important, again, good or bad comments.

Sum up:

Talk about my books online.

Post about my books.

Blog about  my books.

Put up online reader reviews (always honest, if you hate a title say so, I won't hold it against you... if you love it, say so)—It should be noted that The Raven Books already has a set number of “professional” review sites that it automatically sends to and we have a person in charge of this who tracks and logs all ARCs sent for review to professional sites.

Agree/disagree with reviews already posted on various vendors

Hit the LIKE button on my titles at vendors

Agree or disagree with TAG words on vendors.

If you see someone is reading an author who is similar to me, suggest they try me (politely, of course... but we know this goes without saying).

Anything online is the single MOST important thing you can do to help me. Why? Simple, because the majority of my sales have ALWAYS come from ebooks. And with the market shift moving towards ebooks more and more each day this is becoming so for many authors. Not just me.

If you would like some promo goodies (bookmarks, etc) to pass around to your friends, local bookstores, reading groups and libraries please email me with subject header PROMO GOODIES. Include your name and snail mail addy in the email. I can't promise when they'll be mailed out or how many will be sent. It depends on what I have on hand and how often my personal assistant is able to get to mailings.

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Which books do you recommend for people who have never read one?
My bestselling, reader favorite series are the futuristic multi-series: Dragon Lords (8 books), Lords of the Var (5 book), Space Lords (1 book) -- with several more books on the publishing schedule including more spin off series.

Here's a list of where to start, broken down by genre:

Dragon Lords: The Barbarian Prince - Bestselling Futuristic Romance
Maiden and the Monster - Award Winning Historical Romance
Divinity Warriors: Lilith Enraptured - Alternate Reality Romance
Tribes of the Vampire: Redeemer of Shadows - Dark Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
Realm Immortal: King of the Unblessed - Fantasy Romance
Matthews Sisters: Bit by the Bug - Light Contemporary Romance

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About Writing Romance and Real Life

It's funny how many times I get asked if I "do" the things in my books. Ah, the illusive "things". The key to being a good fiction writer is to be able to tell a good story. I happen to like telling stories of not only people falling in love, but of their other emotions and influences as well.

In short, no I am not my characters. Some of their traits are influenced from my life, some are imagination, some are research, etc, etc...

In my opinion, if you only write what you experience, you're not a very good fiction writer.  Fiction is a job that takes great imagination and all I can hope is that a few people like mine.

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Who are you and what do you do?
I'm bestselling, award-winning romance author Michelle M. Pillow. -- It always seems strange talking about myself like that because most days I just feel like a girl with a computer. -- I write in a variety of romance fiction genres including futuristic, paranormal, historical, contemporary, fantasy and dark paranormal. I have been all over the publishing world--from traditional "big name" publishers to e-first publishers and now Indie. In 2009 fellow author Mandy M. Roth and I started a highly successful self-publishing endeavor named The Raven Books.

My first book was published April 2004 and called "The Mists of Midnight", a Regency set Ghost Romance. Since then I've published nearly 100 titles, many of which are in their second and third editions. Being prolific is easy when you love your job! Several of the titles have also been published in foreign languages, including Spanish, German, Japanese, etc. And I have titles published with The Raven Books, Pocket Books, Random House, Virgin Books, Adam’s Media, Entangled Publishing, Samhain Publishing, Running Press, and more.

I've been on the Amazon bestseller list multiple times, nominated for the Romantic Times Lifetime Achievement Award 2011, the winner of the 2006 RT Reviewers’ Choice Award, nominated for the 2007 RT Award, a Kensignton Brava Novella Contest Finalist.

You can find out more online here:

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What is your writing process?
Coffee. More coffee.

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You had already "made it" why on Earth would you go Indie?
When Mandy Roth and I started The Raven Books we were told that it was a mistake. We both had big NY traditional publisher contracts. We were at the sought after e-first publishing houses. We'd had multiple contracts with stacks more on our desks waiting for consideration. No one could seem to understand why we would want to leave traditional publishing to strike out as Indie authors (mind you, this was before the big self-pub boom that later hit).

The truth is, we didn't leave all our publishers. We still have great ties with them and offers stacked on our cyber desk for consideration. In 2008 we had the option to take our books out of contract with some of our publishers. We both had extensive backlist titles and, though we had offers to re-contract them elsewhere, there was just too many of them to have them re-release in a timely manner. For me, many of these were part of series that readers were eager for more of--like the futuristic romance multi-series: Dragon Lords, Lords of the Var and Space Lords. With over 10 books in that multi-series alone, releasing 1-2 books a year to balance them out with new releases would have taken 5-10 years just to get part of my backlist back out. Reader wanted more books now (which is always an awesome thing to have as an author!). Thus, we decided no risk, no reward and jumped in with both feet.

Our traditional background helps tremendously when navigating the self-pubbed waters. There are pros and cons to both traditional press and being indie, and I decide what to do depending on my goals with a particular book. Also, we had built fan bases from the ground up and paid a lot of writerly dues. In the end, The Raven Books was one of the BEST! career decisions I've ever made.

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What do your readers mean to you?

I love my readers. Their loyalty and willingness to follow me as I move from sub-genre to sub-genre is wonderful. Traditionally, publishers would want you to find a niche and stay there. I much prefer to be all over the place, writing futuristics to historicals, contemporaries to fantasy, dark to light paranormals, wherever the muse takes me. My readers not only seem to enjoy it, they encourage it.

There emails and wall posts will often keep me going. I can't thank them enough and love hearing from them.

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When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
I love book research and learning and trying new things. lf I'm not writing, I'm spending time with my beautiful and talented kid. I love being a mother. I have a BGS in History/Business with an English Minor, and a Photography degree, so it's pretty easy to see where my interests are. I love to travel and someday hope to visit every country in the world, photographing it and seeing the historical sites. Usually, though, even when I'm not writing physically I'm writing mentally--gathering data and ideas, letting the creative muse wander.

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Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
When I was in 8th grade I loved Poe. My first serious attempt at writing was for an English assignment. The directive was to write a story about Thanksgiving. Most of my classmates did the "oh no the turkey is burnt and grandpa is snowed in at the airport" type stories. Not me. I sat down at wrote a little something called Thanksgiving Murders. Now I'm sure, looking back, it was more slasher horror movie than the next Telltale Heart, but I really worked hard on it. Sadly, the very conservative small town teacher didn't see it that way. A counselor was called. My mother was called. I was watched, but not once did they bother to ask me why I wrote it. And they didn't let me have my story back (this was pre-computer / pre-school-shooting scares).

I can honestly say I have never in my life wanted to re-enact those words. Heck, I feel guilty squishing bugs. Bless my mother for knowing this fact, because she really stood up for me and defused the situation. The reaction did, however, put me off writing for a long time and I turned to telling stories with pictures rather than words.

I really wish I had that story so I could see with an adult mind just how bad it really was. I do remember the bad guy died in the end, so it appears I've always been a sucker for a happy ending.

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I'm a reader, I want to help.

First, thank you for asking.

I'm touched by the number of emails I receive from readers asking how they can help promote my books. You all rawk! Depending on what you're comfortable with, you can do several things. You can talk to your favorite bookstores (or library) about carrying my books, or just ordering you a copy. If a bookstore carries my title, let me know so I can help support them by sending more readers there.

You can post reviews about the books you've read, letting other readers know your thoughts. These can be done online where you've purchased the title. I am not asking you to write a good review. Post your real thoughts. I want to know what you think.

If you have an event and need promo items, or signed bookmarks, email me. Whether or not I can fulfill the request will depend on my current stock of supplies.

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How long did that first book take?

Honestly, it's hard to say. I wrote before even thinking of publishing, for fun in spare time and not in any consistent time blocks. So when I finally submitted, it was my 8th book written and I was already on book 10 writing wise. Then I had to go back and clean up. I've published a few of those first ones-- Mountain's Captive, Emerald Knight and Maiden and the Monster, but not all. Some I need to dig up from the cyber graveyard, lol. They haven't even seen a publisher's slush pile.

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When was your first book published?

April 2004, The Mists of Midnight

My 50th contracted book published was Realm Immortal 2: Faery Queen, Samhain Publishing, Sept 2006

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Epublishers like The Raven Books, Samhain Publishing and Ellora's Cave Publishing, are called 'E' because they start books off as Ebooks. But many of their titles go to print and can be found at traditional outlets like Borders and Waldenbooks,, etc. In my experience, there is no difference between writing for a epublisher as opposed to a traditional publisher who puts out print first and ebook later.

I work for both traditional and epubs and they are basically the same as far as what they demand from you. The quality demanded is the same, with variances only in house style. The only difference is the format in which the final product is first presented. And ebooks have faster turn around from conception to being published, as you don't have to wait for the print setup, distribution, etc and can publish more books faster, though the print versions do come along slower (thus the delay between my ebook and print releases of the exact same book in most cases)

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Why E-books and why do you have covers?

Thank you, Ellen Fisher, for this answer

Why E-books?  Well, why not E-books? by Ellen Fisher

The number one reason sited is waste. When a print run goes through on paperbacks, about 50% of those are expected to be recycled or thrown away. This is a lot of wasted paper when you multiply maybe 10,000 copies per title x 150 titles a month.

Also, I've read that about 75% of Americans are connected to the internet. Which means more are using computers.  Why go to a store if you can just instantly download a book to read when you want it?  And with handhelds nowadays you can store several hundred novels in one unit.  Talk about some light traveling!  Besides, as my friend Ellen pointed out, with the price of gas these days isn't it reasonable to cut out some of those side trips?

You can also adjust the font size with E-books.  As many get older, it's harder to read the finer print.

So why not E-books, they're just as well written.  There is faster turn around time for your fave authors, so you don't have to wait forever for that next release.  I'm not saying I don't like print books, cause I really do. But, the way I figure it, a good story is a good story, no matter the format.

Why do E-books have covers?  This is simple.  E-books are just like print, only they are on your computer.  We all like to look at the covers when shopping, it's just all part of the packaging.  And, since a lot of E-books do eventually go into print, they're going to need a cover all the same.  In my opinion, I like having a picture to go along with the book. And, at least at NCP, the covers do tend to match the characters inside.  I don't know how many print books will have a red head on the front only to give me a blonde between the pages.


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E-books going into Print

Many e-books will go into print eventually, so there is a possibility that the rest of my work will someday be available that way. If you wish to see a particular e-book in print, the best thing is to email the publishers (and get your friends to do it too) to let them know what you want to buy the book in paperback. It doesn't mean you have to buy it, but helps the editors know there is an interest in seeing a particular work in print. It also helps us authors out, as there is stiff competition for getting stuff in print.

UPDATE: Many of my books (almost all) are now in print, or coming soon.

To see what titles are from what publisher, click here.

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Requesting one of my books to review

Each of my publishers have a set list of review sites they auto-send to.  Please verify that your site is on the list through your site administrator. Requests should be placed through them. Thank you.

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About My Futuristics

The Dragon Lords success has truly floored me.  I'd never expected that in a million years.  They were my first attempt at futuristic, though I have notebooks full of ideas I’ve written down over the years. 

This Dragon Lords series actually started as a short story with Morrigan and Ualan from The Barbarian Prince that grew into four mid-length novels.  I just signed a contract and felt really inspired to do something different.  Ideas just kept popping into my head as I tried to make all four heroines different.  Actually, I’d lie in bed with a notebook beside me to write the ideas down because I couldn’t sleep.  I’ve perfected the art of writing in the dark.

Many readers started demanding Var books {the cat shifting enemy of the Draig (Dragon Lords)}.  So, from that, Lords of the Var was born.  Whereas the Draig trust fate and are raised believing that their life mate is predestined, the Var men are raised to put no stock in love.  In fact, their father King Attor raises them not to ever fall even consider falling in love.  It’s quite the opposite concept from the Draig race.  Look for these to come out after the Dragon Lords.

I’ll keep writing and expanding the series as long as people want them.  One thing I want readers to know is that all my futuristic will connect somehow.  I’ve got short carnals, Galaxy Playmates.  They also connect to the others.  I also have several plans for other spin-off series.  So, if you want to see more of anything, all you have to do is ask.


I was just curious to know if the few female children of the Draigs and Vars can shift?

It would depend on the mother's heritage (the moms are humanoids, but not all humans) as to what gifts the child has whether male or female. Yes, all males are shifters, taking heavily after their fathers. Because female children are rare, it could have something to do with the mothers that make the female children possible to begin with. So yes, some of the girls can possibly be shifters if the mother's DNA didn't adversely affect the child to make it impossible. But, even if they don't shift, the girls have other talents.
And, BTW, Draig girls do get crystals as well.


Can you tell me more about the differences between the Draig and Var, and their mating rituals?

 The Var culture is different from the Dragon Lords in many ways, which also causes a lot of the planet's culture clashes. The lack of ceremony is just one of those ways. Whereas the DL's want love, expect it, have big ceremonies in celebration of finding it and then are confused when they don't automatically get it, the Var were raised to not want love and are confused to find they have it. The Var fall into the thinking that you can't help who you fall in love with. It's meant to be, regardless of what you do to stop it. Also, since they don't know what to look for as far as emotions are concerned and aren't taught to express love by their father, they don't know when they get it. Each couple is different, but in the end, they're together because their heart demand it and the Var princes could never love anyone but their women.

The Var men are under the false impression that they have a say when it comes to mating and love, but in truth, for them the mating just happens. It's destiny, fate, and in the end beyond their control. The Var don't need ceremony, preferring the more simplistic approach. If they say something is a certain way, it is. In book one, Kirill (being king) tells Ulyssa, "All it would take is my declaration and you'd be my lifemate, my wife." So for the king, with power, it's just a  matter of wishing it to be so. But, for Kirill and the others lifemating just happens, as natural as another day passing. Sticking to their customs, they don't need a ceremony to confirm what they already know in their hearts, and what their hearts (and brothers/friends/other Var) often know before they do.  Love/Mating is beyond their control, not that they'd change it for the world.

It's the same for all of them. Their souls/hearts just know from the beginning and the head takes longer for it to catch up and admit to it.


Futuristics UPDATES!

My futuristic series are ever ongoing. The series name changes, but the books continue on where the others left off. So, the enemy catshifters in Dragon Lords, is the series Lords of the Var. It picks up right where Dragon Lords leaves off.
These books first come out in ebooks, with the print a little slower to follow. This is due to formatting, distribution and other necessities. As I'm given word from the publisher, I will post that information on my website (please see below for helpful links)

Here is the current futuristic series releases to date:

Futuristic Series # 1
The Barbarian Prince
The Perfect Prince
The Dark Prince
The Warrior Prince
His Highness the Duke
The Stubborn Lord
The Reluctant Lord
The Impatient Lord

Futuristic Series # 2
Continuation of the Dragon Lords Series
The Savage King
The Playful Prince
The Bound Prince
The Rogue Prince
The Pirate Prince

Futuristic Series # 3
Seduction of the Phoenix
Temptation of the Butterfly

Futuristic Series # 4
Frost Maiden
More Coming Soon

(These are ebook only)
Spin off the Futuristics Series

I keep my website updated so feel free to check there as well:

To learn more about the futuristic books:


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Tribes of the Vampire FAQ


Where did you get the idea for Tribes?

The idea was purely mine.  Some of the tribal names were taken from various vampire legends.  I did that to make them sound familiar.  That way, when the reader is reading the books, it will strike a familiar note with them, like maybe our legends have it wrong and this is really where those myths originated from.  Other than those few names, everything else was from my head.  I have the whole world set up, much of which hasn’t come out in the books yet.

About the characters? Will Jirí have his own book?

All the vampire characters can and do have reoccurring roles in these books.  Jirí is one of the leads.  He does have his own story to tell, but I like him so much I don’t want to give it to him yet. :)  He's bound to pop up in several of these books.  I've gotten a lot of requests for him, and have to admit he's one of my favorite characters to write.

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What is your next project?

My moods change with my whims. We will just have to see. Try checking out the Coming Soon link on the homepage.

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How do you come up with ideas for books?

Truthfully, it is usually late at night when my overactive mind won’t let me sleep or while I am in the shower. They just pop in there out of darkness and I have to crawl out of bed, sometimes six or seven times a night, to write them down or they will never leave me alone. (And, if by some miracle I can go to sleep without putting them to paper they will leave me forever…so it’s better to listen to the voices.) In the shower, I usually finish early, run to my office dripping wet in a towel and try to write a coherent thought while endeavoring not to freeze to death.

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How do you promote?

There are several, cheaper ways for promotion on the internet. The best route is to do your research, visit author blogs, websites, publisher sites, review sites. Offer to do interviews, set up yahoo newsletters or chat groups, and open a facebook account, twitter, etc.

The number one thing for marketing yourself and your books? Have a website. Make sure the style represents you and your books. Extra content can be key to getting readers there, but remember the number one reason they come to your site is to learn more about you and your books. Make it easy to navigate and try not to have a lot of outside advertising clogging up the pages. Also avoid auto play sound features like music or videos. You want readers to be able to find the information they need in a non-intrusive environment. Everything you want readers (and possible media outlets) to know will be centrally located in one place, and everything you do--inside the books, advertising, chats, blogs, vlogs, social media bio pages, etc--can point to that central location where you control the content.


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Cover art seems to be one of the most queried subjects I get emailed about, aside from the actual storylines themselves. First, I have to thank all the wonderful artists that work on my covers. They truly are talented. Below, I've listed some of the most common questions I get in regards to those hunks we see on my book covers. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask! :)

Do you like your covers?
Of course! I love them! (Most of the time)

Which is your favorite?
I like different ones for different reasons.

Don't ask me to pick between my hunks. I won't do it, lol.

Do you create the art for your covers?
No, I don't. Depending on the company, I do sometimes have a say, but my word isn't final by any means. Usually, I'm asked to supply a description of what my characters and the world looks like and the artist takes it from there. I can give a vague idea of what I'd like to see. Sometimes I get my wish, sometimes I don't. They've done a marvelous job of depicting my ideas though and I'm very grateful.

UPDATE: For The Raven Books I do have more say in the coverart, being as I have an in with the awesomely talented Ms Natalie Winters. Email queries to me.

How do you get those fabulous covers?
I'm very lucky to have The Raven Books business partner and cover artist, Mandy M. Roth (brush name Natalie Winters). Mandy has a marketing and art degree, and has not only done the majority of my self-pubbed covers, but she's taught me a lot of tricks so I can do my own. With a photography background I knew a lot of artistic concepts, she helped me tweak those with the graphic side of Photoshop. Now I do some of my own covers, but mostly I beg Mandy to provide them (or Blackmail, I'm not adverse to using those photos I took in Belize, Mandy--just sayin' ;) )

Do you use/pick the models?
In the past, no, the publishers took care of everything through the cover artists. So those sexy princes in the futuristics was just me being blessed by the cover art gods--so to speak. However, now I get more of a say (depending on the project). 

I do use models for my website to illustrate some of my series. If you're interested in donating to a project, email me at :
Copyright will be given where due as well as a link back.

I'm a model and I want to be on your books....
Ah, Thanks!!!! It's an honor to have anyone think enough of my work to want to be a part of any of my projects.

If you think you'd make a great book cover for me, just email me. (see above link)  I haven't picked a cover model yet, but I can forward your info onto the publishers and see what they say. Never hurts to ask, right? Most likely, they'd take over from there if they're interested, but I can try to direct you to the right place.
How many models do the publishers use? Stock Photography?
It should be noted that only a few of my pubs actually hire models directly, and then for only special projects. From what I understand, those gigs are hard to get.

I believe most use stock photography and other artist's resources that I'm just not that privy too.
Why do E-books have covers? 
This is simple.  E-books are just like print, only they are on your computer.  We all like to look at the covers when shopping, it's just all part of the packaging.  And, since a lot of E-books do eventually go into print, they're going to need a cover all the same.  In my opinion, I like having a picture to go along with the book.

If you like... New to me? What better people to ask than my current readers.

According to a reader poll, if you like these authors, you might like Michelle M. Pillow books*:

Lilith Saintcrow, Christine Feehan, Stephanie Tyler, Lorelei James, Maya Banks, Laurann Dohner, Lora Leigh, Eve Langlais, Jordan Summers, Mandy M Roth, Mina Carter, S. E. Smith, Viola Grace, Jennifer Ashley, Allyson James, Evangeline Anderson, Cynthia Eden, Lauren Dane, Maya Banks, Lizzie Lynn Lee, Tracy St. John, Anne Rice (Tribes of the Vampires series), Madelyn Porter, Naomi Kalling, S. E. Smith, Linda Howard, Linda Jones, H.P. Mallory, Addison Moore, Erin Morgenstern, Stephanie Rowe, Karen Marie Moning, Coreene Callahan, Moira Rogers, Janet Evanovich, Stephanie Laurens, Heather Graham, , Mary Balogh, E L James,  Nora Roberts, Sylvia Day, Kresley Cole, Lori Wilde, Cherrie Lynn...


Are you a reader, and think I’ve missed a name? Email me.

Author want your name added or removed from this list? Email me.


*Please note I write in a Susan King variety of genres, so email if you need a more specific recommendation. These are reader opinions and do not necessarily reflect my own thoughts on the subject (as I haven’t read everything by everyone).


A huge thank you to my readers for completing the poll and helping me answer this question!



I hope that slaked your curiosity some. ;)

But, if you NEED to know more. Check out the TMI FAQ pages.

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