Eternally Bound (Tribes of the Vampire)


By: Michelle M. Pillow
Series: Tribes of the Vampire
Number in Series: 3
Paranormal Element: Vampire
Length: Full Novel Plus
Special Note: These vampires don’t sparkle.
Connected Books: Redeemer of Shadows, The Jaded Hunter
Publisher: The Raven Books
Formats: Ebook, Print
Genre: Paranormal Vampire, Dark Paranormal

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NOTICE: This book is out of print. Check back soon!

Dark Fantasy Vampire Romance

Tatiana Sinclair has lived a perfect noblewoman’s life, until the night her brother, Henry, forces her to cover up a horrible crime. Haunted by the only witness to their deeds, the intensely sensual Count Spoleti, Tatiana is led into a world she never dreamed existed.

Count Marcello Spoleti is intrigued by the female who dares to try to control the vampire. But, he also knows there is more to Tatiana than just a pretty face–much, much more. Forcing her father to give her to him, lest he tell of his children’s crimes, Marcello plans on keeping the strong-minded Tatiana under his complete command.

Tribes of the Vampire: The Series

Tribes of the Vampire books are Dark Romances focusing on individual vampiric tribesmen of the eight different vampire tribes.

All vampires are different. If you ever meet one, just ask and they’ll be happy to tell you–though, afterwards, they may just have to drink you dry to protect their secrets. There is a reason no solid proof exists.

Not only do vampires have different personalities and characteristics, but also different supernatural traits passed down through their ‘bloodline’ and evolving within the different tribes–just as humans develop original quarks because of culture and background. Like mortals, some vampires can be good–though not too good, they do have the beast that needs to be fed–and some can be very, very naughty.

Vampires have abilities that mark them of their tribes. They no only possess a loyalty to their kind in general, but utmost to their vampire clan. Beware the unwary human who crosses them, for you should see what they do to each other.

Warning: These romances are epic vampire tales with dark themes, evil vampires, and no sparkles. If you like dark and slightly twisted (in a good way), you’ll like these. Contains explicit language and graphic violence.



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